Unfortunately this week has been a week of resting up and getting well after being under the weather again.  To say I am looking forward to spring is an understatement (insert winky face).

Actually, this past weekend just felt off and one little thing after another cycled through. So just as a reminder, pictures and stories here typically share the all the pretty and the good… But there is a “behind the scenes” going on too, like an overly tired mama with a hard working husband out of town last weekend. A sweet little pup that had a rare potty accident in the house in which that same mama stepped all in it after a busy weekend…

In addition, I spent the last week giving into some doubts, letting them creep in and make themselves cozy in my thoughts. Just when my husband was back home and it was time to rest up a bit, a stomach bug hit our house.  These are not tragedies (nor anything to get really upset about), nor are they uncommon, they can be a part of every day life and they are a part of mine at times. The good, the challenging and the imperfect.

I want to share these parts of Zevy Joy too, to be genuine with you as much as I do the room makeovers, the budget shopping, and delcious recipes. As to share encouragement not to get caught up in comparisons or pretty pictures.  That there will always be things to work through in everyone’s “behind the scenes”, it’s my hope to find joy in the “working it out” and share that is where the beautiful lies… within the living and the loving (which sometimes involves messy).

Thanks for letting me share my heart a bit and now on to Easter Eggs =)…


Because Evy and I were home getting better, we needed to get creative with our time and so I thought hard about something we could do with some dyeable Eggs I have had for a while.

I thought back to when I had made some rooibos or passion fruit tea for my dad and remembered thinking it would make a terrible stain to remove if spilled… ha!

Well that very story gave me inspiration for these eggs.  So today I steeped several versions of tea and began experimenting with my little helper by my side.

Here is what you will need…


  • Tea or coffe mugs, different teas and some faux dyeable Easter eggs, an egg dipper usually found in kits (optional).

To dye the Eggs you will…


  • Steep your tea and let it cool to room temperature.


  • Begin by dipping your egg into the tea.


  • I found the more you dipped the egg, pushed it in to soak the tea longer and did it several times – the dye was a truer color.


  • Let the eggs dry.
  • Rotate occasionally and they may dry with drips but I am ok with this as I did not care if they looked perfect.
  • I also blotted them with a paper towel occasionally to speed up the drying process.


This project was fun, easy and inexpensive.  I was able to use what we had in the house (necessary when home recovering after being sick).


(Painting from Wellbrock_Art can be found on Instagram)

You will notice that they are very light in color (even lighter in my pictures) and that is what I enjoy about them.  I feel like they look a more authentic version of an egg.


The red rooibos or passion fruit tea was the most brilliant in color. I tried  dipping some in one tea first, let it dry, and then in another tea and those made some really pretty colors too.


(#7 Pillow from Painted Fox – affiliate link in profile)

Hope this gives you some inspiration to get creative crafting with what may be sitting in your cupboards or your drawers and I just really appreciate your visits. Thank you for being here!

(As a side note, I did not try this with real egg shells so I could not say anything about those results).

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  1. These are so pretty! I love the soft organic shades.

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