DIY Clothespin Wreath


I am always looking for ways to find inexpensive wall decor; which most of the time is a wreath. They add texture, color and lovely details to any space. Most of the time they need to fit in my budget so they end up being a DIY.

I made this Clothespin Wreath for under $15.00 using some simple materials and a little time. It resembles a Sunburst Mirror for a fraction of the cost and can be used so many ways. There are other great and inspiring ways to make one of these out there but I will share how I put mine together.

Here is what you will need…




  • 2 Wire Floral wreaths – I wanted a thick frame so I layered two, one medium and large size (I got mine from Hobby Lobby here).
  • 4-5 bags of clothespins- depending on the size of your wreath (I got mine from the local dollar store).

Here is how you will assemble the wreath…



Start layering from the back and through the middle to the front. I tried to take a picture of where I placed my clothespins; you can play around with how they fit best (it does take some maneuvering but it absolutely works). The two metal wreaths will be held together by using the middle row of clothespins to connect and hold them.


That is it! So simple and inexpensive. These look lovely hung on a mirror, wall or even door. I have thought about staining it a grey tone in the future too which would add an extra touch of detail. I hope you try it out and thanks so much for stopping by!


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    1. Jamie – thank you so much friend. I feel the very same way about you and your incredible talent/photography! I appreciate your encouragement.

  1. The Nester featured you in her weekend links and I just had to see how you did this fabulous clothespin wreath – I have a big, wonderful laundry room and I need this on the wall. Where do you buy those wire frames?

    1. Susan thank you so much and I just updated the link to share – I got mine from Hobby Lobby. Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a good weekend-

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful – I am a HUGE fan of your talent – thank you for the tutorial I will attempt to make one this weekend

    1. Oh Norma thank you so much as I am a huge fan of your talent – that means so much! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by here~

  3. Hi! Love this wreath and I am trying to do it but the wreaths are not lining up. Can you please tell me the size of your two wreaths? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Angie! I am so glad to hear that you are trying it out! I am not able to measure today but I do know at my craft store there were three sizes – SML. I grabbed the M and L. When I am back with the wreath I will update you with measurements! Hope that helps!

  4. Thanks! That would be great because I bought what I thought was M and L but they will not work cause when do one side the other side is too far apart to hook clothes pins.

    1. Hi Angie,
      I apologize for the late reply! When I measured right now, it is looking like the larger wreath is 20 inches (measured from outsides top and bottom) and then the middle sized wreath is 16 inches (also measured from outside top and bottom). I had to do it with all the clothespins so I am tried to be as accurate as possible. =). Hope that helps!

  5. I’m going to the discount store and buying a bunch of clothes pins. This will be an adorable addition to my laundry room. Thanks for the idea!!

  6. I like the idea of using two wreaths I’ve been looking at different styles I’m going to try yours.

  7. I have looked at several of these multiple row wreaths and done a number of searches. Never found the directions until this one! Thank you so much. Your directions are clear and precise and easy to follow. I’m making a patriotic wreath.

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