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DIY Post – making your spaces decorative and functional

I have shared before that our front room is a bit of a tricky space. It serves as a guest room, office, coat closet, play room, etc… It is the room that has changed the most. I am now getting it to a place where I feel like it is useful and lived in. One way we were able to give this room a small office space was by putting in a small corner desk from Ikea. I had cork boards above the desk for decoration and liked that for a while. But then decided to make it a wrapping station that could hold my supplies.


I hung 4 small curtain rods on one side of the desk with pretty wrap (which does get used for presents). I found a coffee mug holder at the thrift store which holds all my ribbon. On the opposite side of the desk I kept my previous cork board tiles (post found here) – I just covered them with some burlap and bordered them with dollar store brass tacks. This can hold notes, reminders and decor. All these things get used but also make the space pleasing to the eye.

Our house is tiny and we are not moving any time soon, so we need to make it work for us. Since I enjoy decorating it has been important to make it pretty and functional. Crazy to think this room serves so many purposes but it has worked really well so far. I encourage you to think outside the obvious limitations and work with what you have. There are lots of ways to get creative with your space even – if it is limited like ours. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. love this corner so much! We are looking to make a very small area in our downstairs serve as a mini office.. We had one last year but removed it. But it helps to have a workspace, doesn’t it!?

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