My Favorite Plants To Garden With…

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

Rain is currently falling and dripping on the window pains here at home today as I sit here and write. I have a little movie on in the background as I put this post together… It is something about a Jane Austin book club and I have just started, so I will let you know what I think ;)! Oh back to the rain! When I photographed these photos there wasn’t a drop in sight. In fact, it was really too sunny to take these photos but I did it anyways because I was excited to share with you! I have really been on a mission to keep things simple here, share things that I hope are helpful and inspiriting. To cut down on the noise or the extras that just really aren’t necessary. All that being said (phew what a long intro, haha), today I am sharing some of my favorite plants to garden with!

Here is a view of the front of our home and the U – shaped garden that we have here. It is simple and unfinished, but I still wanted to share with you. As that is another goal of mine, to avoid only sharing the perfect. Perfect is overrated and unachievable (something I am constately having to tell myself).

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

My hubby and I laid these large stepping stones in shortly after we moved here. I am just now (ten years later) getting to planting low growing greenery around them. I picked this creeping thyme and I think it will fill in nicely! It is easy to care for. In fact, all these plants really are!

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

I wanted to have a modern/traditional mix of flowers and shrubs/bushes. We had some rosemary and lavender already growing there. So we added hydrangeas and a ivory silk lilac tree too! I am so excited about that one.

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

Here you can see a peek at the tiny Common Snowball Viburnum Sterile plant…

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

Sure it is small, but I really don’t think that should stop you from starting a garden. I always thought I needed to have everything planted bigger and didn’t have the patience to start smaller. But there a couple problems with that… One, it is too expensive! Lol… And two, there is something very special about letting things blossom over the years and enjoying the process. You skip that when you buy things mature and grown.

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

As a row of low growing greenery I incorporated these leafy purple flower things. Ugh… I tried to save all of tags with names and somehow I am missing this one! I will try to see if I can find it somewhere.

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

On the other side of the garden there are these boxwood variety shrubs. They are great because they fill in and stay low.

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

Just behind that, we planted a few of these white cottage roses.

My Favorite Plants to Garden With

For potting, I want to keep things simple and manageable. I filled several grasses to make it interesting. Tufted Hair Grass – Northern Lights, Cordyline and Spikes.

We built this trellis about 8 years ago and have had this honeysuckle growing around it now for a few years. It still needs to cover the entire thing, but it is getting there!

And there you have it! Nothing super fancy and really not that great looking quite yet. But as spring unfolds fully and as the years past, this garden will be such a fun achievement. Something to look back at and enjoy for all the hard work we put into. Good things do come to those who wait! I hope this may give you some ideas as you think about gardening or maybe where to start! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. I believe your groundcover with purple flowers is vinca minor, also known as periwinkle. Your landscaping will fill in nicely!

  2. Those purple flowers look like Mexican Bluebells. They are great for an area you want multipliers. Your yard looks beautiful

  3. I love it! We have a weekend cabin in the mountains and I am always looking for planting ideas on a small scale. Your home is enchanting! I love the smell of honeysuckle especially being a southern girl and that’s a great idea for my pergola.
    Thanks for your post!

  4. It takes a while (few years) to get the garden that you really want. And Some of your work will be trial and error, just hang on and learn by experience. I would suggest that you keep a diary about what, when, where, and how you have planted each plant. You will also grow in knowledge, as your garden does by your knowledge. Do not hesitate to beg from friends and neighbors for cuttings & clippings…..also share yours. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOUR LABOR OF LOVE.

  5. The low creeping viney one you can’t recall, around here in the Northeast, we’d call that myrtle I believe. It’s a creeper for sure so just keep an eye on it. It does have lovely little purple flowers though. My parents have a lot of it around their house. I love this time of year when all the plants and flowers are coming alive again. Every year I’m always surprised!

  6. Love your garden!
    I agree with you whole heartedly about starting with a smaller garden and smaller plants. It is way more fun to watch things grow up and fill in the space. Then you can look back one day or look at the photos and appreciate how much the garden has grown into its space. 100%
    Love your blog!

  7. I love your garden! I’ve planted creeping thyme and it’s filled in really nicely and pretty fast too. We always called the purple flowers honeysuckle but I’m guessing that’s not its official name.

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