FAQ About Our Modular Couch/Recliner Set

A review of our Homebody couch and how it functions after having it all of this time!

A round up of frequently asked questions regarding our Homebody couch/recliner set. We have had it for nearly 2 years and are giving our honest opinions about it all!

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 We have had our Homebody Couch now for 21 months now (can’t believe that is nearly 2 years). We still love it as much as we did when we first got it. In case you aren’t familiar with Homebody, they make the most beautiful modular and recliner couches. Not only are they fully modular, Homebody offers the only fully modular automatic recliner out there. This particular part of the couch system was what originally caught my attention. I’ve mentioned this a couple times, but my husband Tyler had always wanted a recliner. I wasn’t in love with the idea for years because I just couldn’t find one that would work well with our existing furniture and style. A couple years ago, I happened to see a video of Homebody and as I learned more about the company, I was really impressed with the entire concept. They have a beautiful, modular, electric recliner seat that fits in seamlessly with their modular couch pieces! It is so smart how they designed this stylish recliner and couch all in one!

After all this time of owning one personally, I do get some frequently asked questions. I thought it may be helpful to break things down and share our honest answers.

FAQ couch

Do the back and seat cushions hold up or flatten over time?

  • Ours have held up great. Once we are done sitting, if needed, I just fluff the back pillows like I would any other pillow. The seat cushions have held up their shape wonderfully! You do need to fluff, but this is my favorite kind of sofa. From a furniture perspective, I really dislike having a sofa or couch that cannot be fluffed back up. I have owned sofas where the cushions just flatten over time and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • There are plush, layered cushions filled with sustainable Eiderdown.
FAQ couch/recliner

Is the remote the only way to get the recliner to move?

  • No there are buttons on the side that operate the recliner as well. 
  • Note: It is electric, so you will need a place to plug it in to the wall.
  • Bonus: There are USB ports by the buttons, so you can charge your devices right in your couch!
FAQ Couch

Can you have a coffee table in front?

  • Yes we do! We have moved ours out a little farther to accommodate for the space needed. Or we move the coffee table a bit when we want to use it. 
  • I have seen or heard people comment that it would be difficult to have a table or move it when needed and this has not been an issue for us at all. We just slide it back and forth!
FAQ recliner

Do you need extra space behind the sofa so that it can recline?

  • It only needs 2 inches of clearance from the wall to recline and 20 inches in front. Each recliner also has an adjustable headrest.
  • We have ours floating in the room, so this was not an issue for us, but as you can see it requires very little space to actually recline which I found really functional. 
recliner and couch

Is it hard to assemble?

  • It takes around 5 minutes to assemble the pieces and zero tools.
  • You simply connect your bases (by sliding the connector pieces into one another), insert the backs/arms and then layer on the cushions.

Can all of the pieces and fabrics be washed and have you washed yours?

  • Homebody products are made with a highly-curated selection of high-quality fabrics that are spill-proof, stain resistant, and easy to clean. 
  • We chose the linen style fabric in the color, coconut. For the linen and pet-friendly fabric sofas, all removable pieces can be machine-washed (the only fabric you can not remove and wash are attached to parts of the recliner seat portion). They recommend doing this only as frequently as is required, though; but, they’re super easy to spot clean for every day spills or spots. It is stain-resistant, which makes it great with children and is food-friendly. Believe it or not, we are washing all of it for the first time this week, as it has held up great without needing to. 
  • All fabrics also meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification, meaning they are screened for substances known to harm human health, and are PFAS and PFC-free with no “forever chemicals” or toxic flame retardants.

Do you have to stick with a certain configuration?

  • It is modular as mentioned above, so you can configure it however you would like!
  • I have loved this aspect and we have changed the layout of ours a couple times. We even moved a pieced of it up to our son’s room (a little nook area) so he can have a small area to sit in read.
  • In addition to it being modular, it has an ergonomic edgeless design for sturdy support without sharp angles. It even has neck rolls/support behind the cushions. 

Is it truly comfortable?

  • Yes! We had bought a used sofa when first moving here into our home. Over time, my husband and I were noticing that it really wasn’t great for our necks and backs. It was low to the ground and really lacked proper support or even cushioning. Our Homebody has really nice support (as seen here with the neck rolls) and has made such a difference for our neck and back pain when sitting there. Come to think of it, I have not noticed or heard either of us complain about it being uncomfortable. Quite the opposite, we have repeatedly said what a difference the support makes.
  • I also feel that it breaks in a bit over time (in a positive way). I never thought it felt stiff to start, but it does seem like it just keeps getting more and more comfortable.
  • Another bonus: The bottom cushions are reversible! A duvet of Eiderdown feathers tops 4 other layers (cotton padding and 3 kinds of memory foam); so, for a softer seat, have the feather side up, but for a firmer seat, flip the cushion to have the foam side up!

This is an investment piece of furniture. It is a couch that you own for years because of the quality and the features. It is functional and beautiful and will be something you can enjoy over time. Seeing how well it has held up after nearly two years, I am confident it has lots of years to go.

We can honestly say without a doubt that we love our Homebody couch! It has been a favorite piece of furniture in our home. Homebody is having their site-wide 2nd Anniversary sale through 7/8)! Make sure to go check out their beautiful systems.

Thank you so much to Homebody for sponsoring this post. Thank you so much friends for visiting with me here today and your support always.

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