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How Shiplap Can Elevate Your Space And A Look At How We Added It To Our Family Room!

*This post is sponsored by Novo Building Products

How We Used Shiplap To Elevate Our Family Room!


The Addition Of Shiplap In Our Family Room!

We have been working on a project all throughout the summer and I finally get to share it with you as we recently finished it all with vertical shiplap from Novo Building Products! Here is a look at our Family Room right before we moved in above and then how we updated it little by little over the last couple years…

And here is the after of how we enhanced this space with Novo Building Product’s Shiplap!

I cannot believe how much cozier, brighter and better this space feels with shiplap! We used Novo Building Product’s 5.375-in x 8-ft Primed White Pine Shiplap Wall Plank in a vertical formation.

I always knew it was something I wanted to add to this room, but had no idea what we were missing in here…

I just love how finish work like this makes things feel like they were built with care and thoughtfulness. These building products truly do elevate spaces and bring that warmth to a room.

Installing shiplap is straightforward and DIY friendly. These boards came primed with true lapping edges and nickel sized gaps.

We measured, glued, installed a plank and nailed each one into place as we went.

Once everything is installed we added the baseboards, filled holes, caulked and painted it all! This room has good windows, but is Northern facing so we don’t get a lot of great light in here. We decided to with a bit brighter white paint in here to help offset the darker feel overall.

I keep saying it, but these types of installations bring beautiful character to spaces. It is the perfect amount of customization.

And as always, Novo Building Products are incredible quality!

You may remember the project we just finished in my daughter’s room using their materials too!

I highly recommend checking out their website to see the wide range of what they offer. We will eventually finish out the ceilings one day. But there is no rush, this is beautiful as is!

You’ll see I finally got my collection of surfboards up too, this room is less formal than our living room making it the right place to display these =). We also moved a section of our sofa upstairs in my son’s room (I will share one day once I get his space all done) to make room for the holiday decor coming… Can’t wait!

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsor, Novo Building Products. You can find their products and this shiplap over at Lowes!

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