DIY Sheet Slipcover for a Sofa

Couches in neutral white living room.

Making a slipcover for your couch has never been easier!

The other day I shared this photo on Instagram and a few short videos showing the slipcovers on our large sectional. I have talked about these DIY slipcovers that I sewed a few years ago, but I haven’t given much info on the slips that cover the seat cushions (and am now after getting some questions inquiring more =). When I sewed everything for the sofa, I decided to make additional simple covers that would slip on top of the covered cushions. I made these additional slips out of a sheet and I sewed them like a long pillowcase.

White couch with white wooden table and greenery in a basket on it.

They are fit nice and snug so that they don’t bunch up or look too messy.

Pillow and blanket on white couch.

Here they are tucked and fitted…

The tucked and fitted sheets on couch.

You can see the DIY pillowcase pulled back and the real slipcovers below.

Slipcover on pillows.

The top cushions are just slipped with a zipper and I did not add extra covers.

Little dog sitting in front of couch.

(Rug is from Lorena Canals)

I made these extra slips so that I could wash them more frequently and a little more easily as needed with a sweet pup and two kiddos.

They absolutely weren’t necessary, but have been really nice to have. I wash the seat cushions much less and in fact I barely remove these DIY Sheet slips because they look as good as the real thing.

Couch in living room with white and black rug and pillows.

As you can see it looks like one large cushion.

Large looking pillow being covered with a sheet.

And to see a closer look at how they are put together and taken apart for washing…

Taking the sheet off the couch to wash.

Each cushion fits in together in a long line.

Fitting the white sheets together on the couch.

Here is the sofa without the large pillowcase cover.

The sofa without the large pillow on it.

White couch on wooden floor.

When it came to sewing this cover, I took a queen sized sheet wrapped it around the sofa cushions placed together and then pinned it (according to how tight I wanted it). I removed the pinned sheet and then sewed the back side together and one end. I serged the edges with my machine. And that was it. I even used sheets we had on hand.

Sectional couch in living room.

Anyhow, hopefully that all makes sense and you see why I went the extra step of making a slip for a slip, haha! Thanks so much for stopping by friends!

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  1. Do you know what the thread count is/was in the sheets that you used to sew your slip covers ? And…were the original couch cushions already white or did I understand that you covered the cushions? Also in white? If so, what kind of fabric did you use to cover the cushions ? Thanks, Tammi

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