How I Nearly Furnished Our Entire Home With Secondhand Finds And Spent Less Than $2000!

We Furnished Our Home With Mostly Secondhand Finds!

We are getting to work here at the house and I am excited to continue sharing updates with you! One thing that I was very intentional about when moving into this house was how we would furnish it on a budget. You may remember me saying that we sold most of our furniture as we sold our last home. With that in mind, I didn’t want to spend thousands on replacing everything. So instead, I focused on find as much as I could on FB MarketPlace. This was so much more fun than I thought it would be!

How We Spent $200 To Furnish Most Of Our Home…

Here is a breakdown of what I spent and what I found these last few months. We ended up with 3 sofas (one of which we are recovering and I will be sharing more about that soon). We also needed dining tables and found 2. After that we also scored an ottoman, stools, loft bed, 2 bed frames, hall table, closet organizers, side table and dining chairs.

Most recently, I also grabbed a wicker trunk that hides away all of our t.v. equipment.

Here is a peek at my favorite find… This dining table was one of the most expensive purchases I made and I am slowly taking time to seal it. I loved the worn vintage patina and wanted to make sure to keep it. So I started foam brushing a sealer onto it today. It will take 4 days to get 4 solid coats on it but it will be worth it to protect this special piece. I will share more once it is all said and done.

Here you can see

That’s it for today and I can’t tell you how much fun I have had sharing like this. It makes me feel like old times when I started blogging. I would get on here and just share the latest with what was going on at home. It’s not that I stopped doing that… But it just feels special to start fresh and share this new chapter with you.

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  1. I love how you are furnishing your home with FB Marketplace. I’ve sold many furniture pieces using it when we moved two years ago. Then we sold our truck. Now, if I find something, I don’t have transportation to get it home! It’s always fun to look!!

  2. Good for you. My daughter just bought a house, sweet little bungalo and was happy to have the same thought on furniture. Luckily, the seller sold her a farm table, bench, rug and dresser for under 200.00. Then she found a sofa that I reupholstered for her, 125 for the sofa 250.00 for the fabric. Mama’ s labor was free.

    Sofa was of better quality than the new ones. Solid maple, great steel frame. Best ever.

    Keep up doing the good work.

    1. Hi Susan! Oh how wonderful for your daughter! That sounds like quite the deal and I am sure it is beautiful. I really appreciate you visiting here, thank you =).

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