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The Benefits Of Thrifting For Your Home

I am sharing a breakdown of the benefits of thrifting for your home. I’m talking all about why I believe it is a good idea!

I am a big fan of thrifting pieces for your home and mixing it in with investment/store bought pieces too. Below you will find out why I think there are benefits to decorating this way!

It Gives Your Home A Collected Look!

I do believe decorating your home takes time, especially if you are going for a collected look. That is the perfect mix pieces that you can buy in store or that you go treasure hunting for in thrift/antique stores.

A very simple way to achieve the collected look is to infuse thrifted elements in your decor. Many times these pieces may be a little more unique and even aged. They may have a special patina or a rustic vibe.

Mixing decor from different decades and periods of time helps enhance an eclectic aesthetic… These contrasting styles can actually make a design verses break it.

While there is NOTHING wrong buying everything new and straight from a store (I truly appreciate that not everyone likes or wants to thrift), thrifting does break the visual look up. Personally, I have not thrifted EVERY piece either. I prefer there to be a little bit of everything.

thrifting benefits

Here you can see some “Before” photos of the items I found while out and about. Sometimes they are lackluster or unassuming, but if you can see past that, there is big potential!

This postmodern lamp (pictured above) was $20. I researched it when I got home and it was valued anywhere from $300-800!

Thrifting Is Budget Friendly…

benefits of thrifting

It is clear that thrifting is a budget friendly way to shop. When we first moved into this house we were being very conscious of our spending (we needed to budget how we would furnish this bigger home and do projects all while staying within our means). I went hard to work at finding second hand finds and was able to fill up most of our home shopping this way! Over time I have replaced some things, updated them with new things or maybe changed the style, but decorating this way certainly was good for our financial goals over the long term.

I am aware that some thrift stores have increased prices and it may seem that thrifting isn’t like it used to be. I still feel that it is affordable by far!

This sweet fruit bowl was something I had on my thrifting list as I know that a brand new one would be much pricer.

Thrifting Benefits

It Is Sustainable!

Thrifting and Benefits of it

There’s no denying that when you thrift you are shopping sustainably. You are helping cut down on waste. Someone’s donation is reused in a way that is functional to you. You can upcycle pieces and help the environment at the same time!

I found this neat woven thrifted vase and it was the perfect size for our kitchen table! I have been looking for something that wasn’t too big or too small so that we could still sit/have conversations without greenery being an annoyance, haha!

Benefits of thrifting

I am always drawn to baskets and pottery. I work really hard to only buy what I need and will use, it is a struggle (lol), but keeping a list for what I need when thrifting has really helped though!

I found this neat vase (pictured below) displayed amongst shoes. An assuming spot, but I knew it would work and create some nice contrast in our alcove.

Thrifting benefits
The benefits of thrifting

It Is An Opportunity To Collect Original Pieces

wood staining

Without thrifting or buying second hand, I would never be able to have the amount of original art that I do. It is a lovely way to enjoy someone’s gift of art and display it. This piece on our console, is one of my very favorite. I bought it for $15. This is true for other things like pottery and even handmade furniture.

There are wonderful benefits to thrifting and something I feel very positive about! As I mentioned, I love the idea of mixing old, recycled and new within homes. It provides a lovely collected look, is good for the environment and is budget friendly! You obtain special unique pieces for your home along that way too.

Thanks so much for visiting today and see you next week!

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  1. I actually purchased your white fruit bowl new about 12 years ago. It is actually stoneware that can go in the oven to be warmed and then bread can be placed in it and it keeps your bread warm! Of course, it’s a great fruit bowl as well.

    1. Hi Debra, I love that you shared this and I never knew that – thank you! That is fantastic and I will definitely be trying that out, thanks very visiting =).

  2. Annie—You are so right! Thrifting has enabled me to make my home look collected, unique and interesting. I simply could not afford the looks I love without thrifting. (Champagne taste/beer budget—lol)
    Thrifting has actually made it harder for me to buy retail. While I do buy upholstered pieces new (or recover thrifted upholstered goods), I actually find that new accessories do not have the “character” I’m seeking. I always love to see what you thrift and how you style it!

    1. Hi Jervae, great question! I do both pretty regularly. Although, thrift stores are sometimes easier because they are closer and my favorite antique stores are a little farther away. I do think thrift stores are typically cheaper in price wise as well.

  3. Where did you get the two baskets that sit next to the cream chair? They are in the fist photo in this post.

  4. I Xed out of the choice to receive more ideas in error. Please add me to your list. Thank You

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