3 Ways To Use And Style A Non-Functioning Fireplace

Here are 3 ways to use and style your non-functioning fireplace! These are ideas that can helpful for a fireplace that doesn’t work or faux one!

These are the ways I have used and styled our non-functioning fireplace throughout the years!

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Fireplace ideas

1. Use Fireplace Logs

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I Used This Idea Regularly: If you look back over the years, you will see that this is one idea I used repeatedly for our fireplace. It was simple, inexpensive and traditional.

fireplace ideas

It Makes Sense Visually: Even though it was clear that the fireplace did not work and the logs were there for display, it looked lovely and just made sense! It is really easy to find bundles of firewood everywhere. I always found them at the grocery store and usually for under 10 dollars.

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For Decoration Only: These are meant to be nothing more than decorative and should NEVER be used or lit on fire (I know that is obvious, but worth stating). I would also set some battery operated twinkle lights on top of them for that extra little bit of magic and ambience.

How to Set them up: There was really no specific way I set them inside as well. I just crossed them over one another, but they could also easily be stacked more orderly if you prefer.

2. Use Faux Candles…

Fireplace ideas

A Fun Interpretation: This is more of a playful and fun interpretation in how to style a non-functioning fireplace! It gives the illusion of light inside, but is a little more romanticized because faux candles do give off light.

ideas for a fireplace

Also For Decoration Only: Just like the fireplace logs, this option is for decoration only. I would not use real candles as they could be a fire hazard. But that is the beauty of battery operated candles. They look just as beautiful and last a long time too!

How To Set Them Up: You can use a large amount (as many as will fit) in the opening of the fireplace. It would also work to put a little riser in-between the rows to give some of the candles height. Varying the heights is important as it makes it look organic and flow well.

3. Use An Electric Log Insert!

Ideas on how to use a non-functioning fireplace

This Is Most Realistic: This electric log insert by far has been my favorite way to style our non-functioning fireplace in our home! While there are inserts you can install, that wasn’t appealing to me at this time. I didn’t want to have to do any work to the fireplace until we build it up and cover it with stone eventually (we will do that one day down the road and even then, I may plan to keep this unit inside of that). For this fake fireplace I wanted a simpler solution and I didn’t even know that these electric log inserts existed!

Fireplace ideas

How It Works: It is easy and so smart! You simply take the unit and plug it in. There will need to be a place to plug in discreetly. For our fireplace, we were able to drill a hole and feed the cord through. Another option could be to run the cord smoothly along the outside of a fireplace and use cord covers to keep things tidy looking.

Ideas for fireplace

What Does It Do? I just love this thing! It lights up with a remote (there is also a power button on the unit) and has a visual from the back that flickers like a real flame. The logs light up too. I tried to grab as many photos as I could so you could see what I mean. It has a handful of settings for visuals (colors/modes), wifi option for this particular model, a built in heater (we haven’t used that much either) and sound machine as well. I will say that we did not love the sound machine, it wasn’t as authentic as I would like. So to solve that, we hid a little smart speaker in there that we can play crackling fireplace sounds with. It is so delightful in my opinion!

How Realistic Is it? This is subjective of course, but in my opinion it is the next best thing to a real fire. It does look like a faux unit and of course up close you can see that. But personally, I think the same thing of any electric fireplace unit. If I can’t have the real thing, I want to have something as close as possible. The logs are tastefully done and the lights are quality. It has been so nice to enjoy throughout these fall/winter months. I really do like to cozy up with a blanket and sit there with a book or gather around it when we have had gatherings.

Do You Need To Use A Fireplace Screen? We did, I think it contributes to it looking less fake this way and I enjoy how a screen completes the look. It is not necessary though. Our fireplace is shallow and the unit sticks out a bit. I am ok with that and having a screen in front makes it less obvious. When we build this fireplace up and out a bit, I may try to make the opening deeper. I would think that a deeper opening would house this really well. It would be important to measure everything out first and make sure the electric log insert isn’t too big or small for the opening.

fireplace ideas

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So now you can see 3 different and simple ways to use/style a non-functioning fireplace. I have used all of these different ways and they have looked beautiful.

Thanks so much for visiting with me today and see you soon!

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