DIY Scarf Pillow

An easy DIY Pillow Project!

DIY Scarf Pillow

How To Make A DIY Scarf Pillow

Alright you all! This is one EASY project that I am sharing today! My favorite projects are the ones that come from things that are already around the house, cost nothing to make and take about ten minutes! So today I have joined sweet Ashley from Modern Glam to share some awesome DIY projects using flannel, plaid or sweaters. I improvised a little bit with that idea and used a fall scarf that I had in my closet.

DIY Scarf Pillow

For this simple project you will need:

  • A needle or sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Lumber sized pillow
  • A longer scarf

And here is how you will make this pillow…

DIY Scarf Pillow

Lay your scarf out lengthwise. Start with your pillow towards the end and begin to wrap.

DIY Scarf Pillow

You may need to rearrange it a couple times until you get it to the place or folded around the way you want.

DIY Scarf Pillow

Once you get to the last wrap around you can decide if you want the front to be flat or have a fold over like I did.

DIY Scarf Pillow

I wanted the front to have some interesting fringe, so I folded the edge a top.

DIY Scarf Pillow

Make sure the ends are all lined up evenly.

DIY Scarf Pillow

Now you will sew the ends together. I just tied a simple knot and used large stitches across by hand sewing. If you want this to be more permanent you could use a sewing machine. Hand sewing allows you to pull this out eventually in case you want to wear your scarf again ;).

DIY Scarf Pillow

And when I said easy, I meant easy! This took a total of ten minutes to put together which is always a good thing!

DIY Scarf Pillow

This could be done with a variety of patterns, scarves and textures!

DIY Scarf Pillow

And before you leave…

Make sure to check out these friends sharing their ideas down below too!

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  1. This is brilliant! I have one of those super chunky infinity scarves that was given to me as a gift…. I have a short neck and it doesn’t fit right. This would be perfect for the small lumbar pillow I have!!! Thank you for the idea!!!!!

  2. This is about as crafty as I probably will ever aspire to be, so thank you for the perfect pillow project. And your home looks beautiful for autumn. Cheers, Ardith

  3. What a great idea! I love to knit and love pillows. I’ve made some nice scarfs that would make good pillows, so maybe I’ll try it. Thanks for the great tip!

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