A Cozy and Inviting Family Room with Touches of Fall

cozy and inviting family room with touches of fall

Hello friends and welcome back as we continue to open up our home for the beautiful season of fall… This time it is our family room all cozy and inviting, ready for your visit. I am honored to be joining some incredible women who are sharing their homes today as part of the Seasons of Home, hosted by Kristen at Ella Claire.

This season I decided to keep things somewhat simple and spruce our space up with small pumpkins, eucalyptus and bold throw pillows.

We recently added this fireplace which just screams (softly screams though 😉 autumn to me. I have squealed with decorating delight each morning or evening I walk in to turn it on. I have craved that ambience for such a long time and really am taking joy in the sweet pleasure of it.

Trios of pumpkins are found here and there and make the perfect statement.

Eucalyptus will most definitely be found here in our home throughout the season and I chose to add some rich hues to the arrangement. Like faded eucalyptus and hanging amaranth.

There’s that flickering light that makes my heart happy… even though it’s faux, it’s close enough to the real thing…

The outdoors foreshadow whats coming with turning leaves and golden tones.

Because of the windows throughout this space the room tends to glow a bit and all my pictures have an amber filter to them.

With fall on the way I made sure to add plaids, patterns and faux furs. Although, I was still enjoying the blues and greens of summer, so I chose to incorporate it all.

I was drawn to the autumn earth tones and emerald greens, burnt oranges and muddy browns.

They of course found their way with my beloved bright whites and neutrals.

Our family room is adjoined to our dining room so from this angle you can see how the two compliment one another.

I really love for my flowers and arrangements to dangle and flow, they dance nicely amongst the pumpkins.

This is the place we spend most of our time through the fall months and I worked intentionally to make the space welcoming with softness and grounding colors.

It being a long space, it all kind of gets squished together but looks right in person ;)…

Isn’t it the best when you can still keep the doors or windows open through those early autumn days?! Letting the cold crisp breeze in and oh the smells…. Whether that be dewdrops of rain, warm baked muffins and the whiff of burning candles…

I couldn’t resist showing you a glimpse of our home here during early evening on a chilly night.

Flickering candle, oodles of blankets, books and warm lights all next to the fireside. This right here is what it is all about…

Making a space my family can beg to enjoy. I had this all set up and my oldest kept complimenting how much he loved it. Could he just sit a little longer and snuggle up, even though it was past bed time. That melted my heart and says we may not be getting it all perfect, but we are getting it. He feels safe, he longs for home and this mama’s heart is grateful . I hope home will always be that to my babes.

It doesn’t take much and can be as simple as a few new pillows, throws, greenery and pumpkins. Using what you have and complimenting it with heart. I caught this moment this past weekend and it encompasses how I prefer my home… Cozy, lived in and messy with love.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and don’t forget to stop by all of these incredible homes with inspirational women behind each and every one. Thank you so much for having me today Kristen!

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  1. This looks so beautiful! Is your eucalyptus and amaranth faux or real? I’m wondering how to make that arrangement….
    Love this!

    1. Hi Kristi thank you so much! Some of my eucalyptus is faux and from Hobby Lobby, while the smaller arrangement of eucalyptus and amaranth is real. But I am amazed at all the faux these days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there a good faux versions of it at one of the craft stores… Glad you stopped to visit!

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