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Kid’s Toy Storage – Ideas and Tips


Happy Wednesday friends. You may remember seeing a few updates of our daughter’s room here and here. I have made a few small changes or additions since then but the biggest thing I have focused on is toy storage in such a small space. Her room is tiny and it is great, but it also means that I need to get creative with how we store her toys.


(Horse Photograph by Chloe at Boxwood Avenue and Canvas Print by Canvas HQ)

So I thought today I would share what I have been learning and what has been working well along the way. I understand not one way fits all for toy organization, but am sure some of these ideas could be adapted to other’s storage needs.


Firstly, we took her closet doors and inserted a dresser in it’s place to hold clothing. When this room was her nursery that was also the changing area.


Across her small twin bed is her play kitchen. Here in the tiny play kitchen I have tried to maximize the space…


This kitchen has some great compartments that fit these plastic snap containers perfectly!


I just taped on pictures of what goes into each container so they are easy to find and make cleaning up easy.  As you can see in the picture above, some toys get stuffed into little corners and that is ok too ;).


After seeing my friend Brooke from Nesting with Grace’s recommendation and tutorial about a toy chest, I purchased this storage unit from Ikea to hold more toys and there is a larger tub at the bottom used for laundry. I will be adding a skirt to this in the future (as shown on Nesting with Grace) but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.


Next is her fun canopy (tutorial here) that is a spot to play, read, hang out, etc… I also love she can throw as many stuffed animals as she wants her and it all just becomes a cozy little corner.


I know everyone has heard of under bed storage and it is not a new concept, but it sure is useful for lots of pieces and many sets of different toys. I used some more of these boxes with photos taped to the front. They slide right underneath and the kids can easily grab what they are looking for.


(Bedding is from Beddy’s Beds)

Before using some of these systems we used to just have giant toy baskets that everything got thrown into. Which was just fine and still would be! The only con I found with that system was so many toys were going unnoticed or lost. Using storage this way has helped them enjoy the toys a bit more and of course I love how easy clean up can be. Plus, it gets tucked away nice and tidy, just what this organizing mama loves – lol.

Hope you enjoyed this and maybe it will give you some ideas when it comes to all the toys. I appreciate you being here and thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Great ideas! my house gets a little jungle with lots of my kids’ toys. I am looking something like this toy storages ideas. I like it. Must say, really it’s the best toy storages ideas. thanks for sharing this idea.

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