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Girl’s Room – DIY Canopy


I just revealed our sweet girl’s room update and I shared all the details on her pretty bedding from Beddy’s Beds. When thinking about her room, I also knew I wanted to incorporate a fun reading corner or tent.  I am always inspired by the fun teepees out there and decided we would use mostly what we had on hand to make a canopy instead.


Surprisingly, I was able to use most of what I could find at home and only had to buy a few extra embellishments to make it work.


Here is what you will need and how you will make it…


  • You will need a large (the largest you can find) embroidery hoop, a sheet (a cotton shower curtain would work great too), and a couple yards of fabric (I used an old crib sheet – it just needs to be large enough to fit the diameter of your hoop).  You will also need a sewing machine, glue gun with glue sticks, scissors, yarn or embroidery thread along with a yarn needle to hang the canopy.
  • First, fold over about 5 inches and sew a seam all the way accross the length of your sheet.  If you are using a shower curtain it should alread have a pocket seam – make sure to check for this feature if you are buying one. A curtain may work but it will not be as wide as a shower curtain or sheet.
  • Then insert the outer hoop (the one that opens) into the pocket seam until you have brought it through the other side.
  • Now trace the smaller hoop on the addtional fabric adding 3-5 inches around.  Cut it out and then begin carefully gluing the circle to the outer edge of the hoop with the glue gun. It will look ruffled and this is ok.
  • Attach the outer hoop (with the sheet wrapped around it) to the glued top portion of the hoop. Tighten the screw and thread/tie your yarn to hang.
  • Carefully hang your new canopy from the ceiling.


After the fact, I added some simple trim and tassels.


I filled the space with a pouf, pillows and blankets…


From the top I strung glittery and shiny garland (most of it DIY)


It adds a perfect little spot in her small room to play with dolls or look at books.


(Globe pouf can be found at Painted Fox – affiliate link in sidebar)

Even her little loved bunny has a spot welcome just for him.  This project was also budget friendly which is why we could make it work.

Thanks so much for joining me as I share her fun new space.  I will be back one last time next week with another fun addition to the room!

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