Beddy’s Spark Retreat


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Let me start off by saying that my weekend with these talented, fabulous, gracious and oh so generous women was amazing. I really don’t know where to start, other than to say that really best describes my time with them. I had the opportunity to meet new friends, serve in a special project and meet with so many brands that gifted us with their goodies/wisdom (shared more down below)…


(Everly’s room here)


(Zealand’s room here)

For starters you have probably read about how much we enjoy our Beddy’s bedding that you have seen in both of my kiddos room. It really is genius bedding that zips up and makes the everyday chore of bed making so simple and enjoyable. Beddy’s hosted this Spark Retreat that I was invited to.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Betsy and Angie wanted to give a group of women an opportunity to share their talents their stories (aka “Spark” stories), work together and get to know some of their favorite brands too.

There was laughter, tears, encouragement and really so much more. To say I left with my heart full is an understatement. I wish I could go into all the details, but for now I will share some of it through the pictures ;)… I shared all the brands that we were introduced to, each so wonderful and you can take a look for yourself if you would like.

Let’s start with the food, here are just a few peeks at the delicious meals or treats we enjoyed…


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)


Then there was the fashion, here are some the of the outfits we got to go home with…


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five and pictured here is Mollie from Design Loves Details)


The home decor, I can’t forget to mention the beautiful pieces we brought back…


And one of my favorite parts of this trip, extending service and help to others…

Here is a closer look at how we had the privilege of serving this refugee family in their home.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

We were able to ready their homes with new Beddy’s bedding and the items donated and listed below.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Bedframes and bunk beds were assembled for each of the rooms…


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Artwork was hung…


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Furniture and the necessities found their way home in their new space.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

We added simple touches of decor here and there for them to enjoy.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

And were grateful for the experience/opportunity to do it.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Here is a beautiful video put together by House of Five)

This beautiful project was made even sweeter by the thoughtful donations of these wonderful businesses…


(Photo from Lorena Canals)

Lorena Canals provided this family with a rug (pictured above). I’m a big fan of their rugs as they are eco friendly textiles made in India. They are handmade from non – toxic dyes, natural and cotton materials in their very own factory (with no child labor). In fact, a purchase made helps aid the children there in India with their schooling. Another bonus to these soft and stylish rugs is that you can throw them into your washing machine! We have one ourselves and I can attest to the quality of these beautiful rugs. You can read more about this company and shop for their rugs online or in store, prices ranging from $83 – $279 at (InstagramFacebook, Twitter, and YouTube).

Alyssa at Parris Chic Boutique was also a personal contact of mine that so generously gave a couple of their throws to this family!

In addition, here is the generously overwhelming list of contributors to this project –


Like I stated, this project was beautiful, it was changing and it was humbling. Thank you to each and every person that made it possible and for having me along!

*If you are interested in learning more please find the “Serve Refugees” app which will give information on how to donate with time or giving.

A big thank you to all the brands that showered us with gifts and to the women behind Beddy’s. You ladies amazed me with your hospitality and how welcome you made each of us. Thank you so much! Each of these brands provided products but all opinions are 100% my own.

Friends thank you for taking the time to read about this little adventure!





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    1. Allison thank you very much! It was so nice to get to know you and again, thank you to each of you and all that you did to make such a beautiful time for everyone!! xo

    1. Mollie I had so much fun with you and thank you friend! Wish we lived closer by to take bike rides 😉 and have fun more often!

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