Bedroom Refresh with a Budget


Hello friends and welcome… Today I wanted to pop in and share a little refresh of our bedroom (on our very own budget).


I recently added a couple pieces to lighten this space up. Living in a smaller home has made me desire lighter decor more and more. For me personally, it just makes the space feel bigger and spacious. Not to mention, that with the weather we tend to get around here, I especially love the brightness of neutrals.


We originally had some darker furniture and a lovely deep hued blue rug. While I enjoyed those pieces for years, I was ready to change things ups a bit. I couldn’t justify spending money to buy a new headboard or a rug… so I got creative. I looked on Craigslist and I thrifted when possible – both of which have worked well for us and our budget in the past (as mentioned here).


But, I wasn’t finding what I had in mind. So this time around I started listing our furniture on local Facebook (Mom) groups, where you can buy sell and even trade your items. These groups have been around for a while and you may already be aware of them or using them =). This enabled me to easily sell all of the items we were no longer wanting and then budget how to buy what we were hoping for.


(Bedding from Boll and Branch)

It took time and patience because things didn’t sell right away, sometimes I had to change the price and I needed to save what I made during the process. While I worked on finding my older things new homes, I began to shop deals.


Through some diligent online shopping, Wayfair and Overstock had what we were looking for! Our headboard is from Wayfair and our large rug is from Overstock (again, these are not sponsored).


A couple things to note…

We wanted a larger rug for the bedroom and to do so in our price range, we needed to go with something cotton and thinner than a traditional wool rug. I was really ok with this and love the texture it adds to the space. Plus having a rug that fits underneath all of our furniture is wonderful!

In addition, patience is key to this process; I needed to wait to actually have the money before spending it. All in all it was a win-win because we sold what we didn’t need any more, making it possible to change up our space.

Here is a visual of our bedroom space before…


I really enjoyed this bedroom, the boho chic headboard made out of a rug (here) and the big bold bed frame. The contrast of light and dark colors and the traditional wool rug. As I have grown into what styles really speak to me and what makes me feel at home, our bedroom has now evolved to this…


There are still things I have on my list to get done and to add. They will wait. Just like the rest it will take some time, some creativity and contentment. I am in no rush to make it all over night and just like so much of what we do in life, I am enjoying it now… just as it is, just as it should be.

I know that I have been able to share collaborations and sponsorships with some wonderful companies and in doing so we have added some amazing upgrades to our home; in return I am so very grateful. I also wanted to show you some addtional examples of how we furnish and decorate our home on our set budget. I hope it inspires you to work within varying budgets, to truly enjoy your home – whatever season you are in and make it special for nothing more than what brings you joy in that place.

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