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Today I was sharing my experience yesterday on Instagram (if you don’t follow me there I would love for you to come and find me as zevy joy).  This week has felt long as my dear family has been fighting off a nasty virus and it is taking days to get well.  While things could be so much worse – it has been tiring.  Yesterday I had reached my limit when one of my little ones flooded the toilet for the second time this week.  As the water reached the top and began spilling over my other little one began running up and down the hallway screaming that the water was going to get her.  My sick sweet boy began calling for me saying he needed me because he didn’t feel well.  I had no where to go because of the flooded toilet water all over my entire bathroom so all I could do was jump into the tub and begin wiping up the mess with towels.  As I began to mop I hid behind the shower curtain for about thirty seconds and gave myself a good cry.  Not because I couldn’t handle it or that I would trade my situation but because I was tired and this is real life.  

So while I LOVE sharing my pictures and stories with you – I want to be genuine and make sure you see this side too.  It is very easy to style a wall or a corner and snap some pictures – but beind the camera are lots of toys all over the floor and piles of laundry.  While decorating and projects are a passion of mine and I won’t feel ashamed that I enjoy those things or a clean house – it is still a lived in house with messes, tears, love and joy!

Thanks for letting me share more about myself and be vulnerable to show you what real life looks like.  I hope that we all can support one another as we figure out this mom thing whether our house be messy, clean, decorated, undecorated, run down, brand new and choose to see the beauty because we embrace who we are as moms made perfectly and intended truly for our children!  Have a great weekend friends and as always thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Oh mama, I SO get it! SO SO SO GET IT. And I love that you can be vulnerable and raw and honest about the fact that often times the reality of life (and especially parenthood) is that it is messy and hard and sometimes downright so overwhelming that all we can do is hide in the shower and cry. In fact I may or may not be crying a little bit right now reading this because I so relate. My house is a wreck (and Im OCD about cleanliness so it’s killing me), I am a wreck (I painted my nails on one hand a week ago and still haven’t done the other), and I just want a break, you know? A break from everything. So i get it, I support you, and I love your honesty. And your house still looks freaking amazing, you superwoman you. <3

    1. Maya – thanks so much for your words of encouragement and your honesty! Glad us mamas can all support one another! I have very much enjoyed your posts and your beautiful writing! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Oh sweet Annie! I love your kind and honest heart. Thanks so much for being so honest and transparent. It is so easy to compare ourselves to a perfectly styled bookcase or coffee table, to a gallery wall that makes our knees weak, or a stunning picture of a perfectly put together woman. I’m the worst at this, and find myself feeling so “less than”. Thanks for showing us the laundry. Makes me feel better to know we all have real life. Sending a hug and hoping that your peeps are better soon!

    1. Thanks so much for reading this Nancy and for your encouragement! Your honesty is lovely and I’m glad we can all share together! Have a wonderful week!

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