Plans For The Living/Dining Room and Progress So Far!

Some Updates In The Living Room/Dining Room…

What We Have Done So Far In Our Living Room/Dining Room!

This is going to be a short but sweet update! This whole week is going to be posts that are showing the slow, but steady progress we are making in our home. Today I wanted to do a brief look into our living room/dining room. We have some new additions that were MarketPlace finds as well as a dollar store project that I am really excited about it…

The photos above show how this living/dining room looked when we moved in. And here it is now…

I found this fun little vintage side table for $20 that has an amazing copper top! I just need to shorten the legs a bit and clean the top up.

Across the way I got this beautiful vintage console table (under $70). It is the best addition to this space!

I also got the second hand $10 frame I just have yet to fill it with art.

Here is that dollar store project I was telling you about. It is my favorite! I bought 99 cent frames and then rub n’ buffed them gold. I bought off – centered mats and filled them with family beach photos throughout the years. It is all really precious to me. Oh and I forgot we also installed this picture light too!

I didn’t really style any of this to share, just cleaned it up a bit. I like to share some of the styled posts as well as the unsettled posts here so that there is a nice balance. In time, we are going to add board n’ batten to these walls as well as beams to the ceiling. Not sure exactly when, but someday!

That’s all for today… I have our finished kitchen to share with you on Thursday so please make sure to head back then! Thanks so much for visiting.

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