Our Renovated Bathroom Reveal

Check out all the beautiful details in our renovated bathroom reveal!

A small bathroom vanity with a wooden stool in front of it.

Hello Friends and I am so excited to have you here today as I am sharing our completed stylish bathroom! This was a design dream come true to complete a bathroom sponsored by Wayfair and now I get to show you all the eye catching details (insert squeal)…!!!

An oval mirror in the bathroom and pink flowers on the counter.

To say we are grateful, humbled and thrilled are understatements for this opportunity. After picking out our diverse materials and expedient shipping, we (just the hubby and myself) completed the entire space in less than 30 days! We learned a lot through the process as well (thanks to a few too many phone calls to our sweet dads for their advice, ha!) and took so much pride in getting this beautiful space done. I’d say Tyler and I make a pretty good team; sure we have our moments ;), but always feel the reward of teamwork and accomplishment after projects together.

A white vanity with rolled up towels beneath it on the lower shelf.

Now onto the elegant details! Much like the rest of our home, I wanted a room that was light and bright with neutral accents throughout.

Rolled up towels in a basket on the lower shelf in the bathroom.

Something that would flow with the rest of our rooms and feel like it was truly part of our house. This is the only bathroom in our home and there are four of us using it… So you have heard me say this before, but we really learn some important lessons when sharing this space day to day as a family. So giving it an upgrade was really a fun bonus with all that lesson learning =)!

Black and white rugs on the floor in the white bathroom.

As you may have noticed we have marble throughout our kitchen and I wanted to incorporate that look here as well.

Shiny faucets on the marble vanity.

We started by picking out this complete vanity. Our previous vanity was much shorter and smaller; we were able to go a bit bigger with this one and increased our surface space by at least five inches. This particular piece has an exquisite polished marble top and traditional fixtures.

White gray marble floor.

I chose to pair it with a marble floor as well. I really wanted something that was traditional but had some type of diverse pattern to it, so these 2×2 hexagon tile sheets were the perfect fit. They bring a fun interest to the bathroom. Wayfair’s Home Improvement Department made it easy to pick out our favorite materials with the necessary budget and find ways to get the most of what we had envisioned.

A white Toto toilet brand new.

And here is our new toilet! We were really looking forward to a newer toilet and this one fit the bill. It is compact and wonderful for the spot where we needed it to fit.

White vanity with drawers in the bathroom.

We had beadboard siding originally in our space and decided with all the nice additions we would change up the look with some board and batten. We learned some new handy finishing skills and are really so happy with how this contributed to the whole look.

Our little vanity before was quite low, so having a vanity that is ergonomically correct has made washing hands or brushing teeth a bit more comfortable, for the grown ups at least ;)… And you may be thinking that fitting a larger (both wider/taller) vanity in this tiny space would make it all feel crowded?! But in fact it has been the opposite… We have been amazed at how the room opened up by making these few changes.

Vibrant pink flowers in a white vase.

And while the space is neutral in tone, having bright and bold natural elements bring life and color to our newly renovated dreamy bathroom.

White rolled up towels in the vanity.

Storage is only needed and fits all within the vanity now which is such a perk!

An opened drawer in the vanity.

Whether it is in the two large drawers or extensive shelf down below.

A round mirror on the wall above the vanity.

Everything feels clean and I really wanted for it to have a minimal aesthetic with bold statements and accessories.

Pink flowers and chrome fixtures.

Such as patterned tile, straight lines in the vanity and coordinating chrome fixtures seen both in the faucet and lighting.

Chrome lighting with special lightbulbs.

I picked out this vanity light so that it would mimic the modern farmhouse style of our other lighting fixtures while working with the eclectic style of our spaces whether they be cottage, industrial, bohemian, mid-century etc… I really enjoy that you can see the bulbs throughout and we inserted Edison bulbs to really enhance that extra detailing.

Large round mirror above the sink.

Lastly, we picked out this round bamboo mirror to finish everything off. I hoped for something that would be larger in size and to also be a major focal point. Again, it brings a modern classic feel and has subtle wood detailing on the side which adds warmth and depth.

Wooden stool on a rug in the bathroom.

We completed this space within a budget of $3000 and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. These changes are a big upgrade for our family and have made using this single bathroom for the four of us a little more enjoyable ;)… Actually MUCH more enjoyable!

Here is a list of the pieces we have used from Wayfair here below:

I appreciate you taking the time to visit today and see our upgrade and thanks so much for joining in along the renovation journey! A very big thank you to Wayfair for partnering with us on this project and supplying the products to make it happen. You can find an article regarding our renovation over at Wayfair as well!

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    1. Mary thank you so so much! I was hoping it would translate timeless – I really appreciate you stopping by!

    1. Rose thank you! I am always grateful when you stop by and say hi… and can’t wait till you can see it in person!! xo

  1. So refreshing and beautiful….what a wonderful transformation! I know you and your family are enjoying the new space!

  2. Love it! Very light and bright but somehow not cold, good job. We too just redid our bath but it is the complete opposite of yours. We did black walnut counter tops with a medium dark green vanity white fixtures and wallpaper with vines, leaves and small clusters of berries. Opposite but still lovely. That’s why I love to see what people do-it’s just so fun. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Deb thank you very much! Your bathroom sounds amazing and so beautiful! I contemplated going with some dark contrast too as I love that as well – I agree I feel the same way and enjoy getting to see different styles and how others decorate. Again thank you for stopping by!

  3. Oh Annie it’s gorgeous! It looks so much bigger now too! I love the marble and the round mirror. So pretty!!

  4. Excellent job and choices! It’s Stunning and I absolutely love the “clean” look of all the white. Only one problem that I can see is you and your guest will never want to come out! 🙂 s

  5. You knocked this one out of the park. I’m a huge fan of marble–I prefer it over granite–so it’s nice to see how you incorporated it. AND … I love it that this is your only bathroom–I can relate, although we do have a tiny half bath (which desperately needs an update … ) as well. Thanks for showing how to make a modest house live large.

    1. Oh Kris thank you so so much! Your words are such a compliment and I am glad you stopped by – thank you!

  6. My dream bathroom! Light and airy yet filled with character.Especially love the light fixture and the little stool. The touch of wood from the mirror and stool are perfect compliments to the cool colors. May I ask where you found the stool? I have Multiple Sclerosis and need a cute stool for my shower!

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