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DIY Lavender Wreath

I will show you how to make this DIY lavender wreath which has woodland charm!

DIY lavender wreath hanging around the head of a deer on the wall.

Today I am going to share a quick tutorial for a homespun wreath using lavender. As some DIY’s go, I learned a couple things along the way. If doing this again I would use dried lavender because as it dries now on the wreath, some lavender is falling off. But it is still holding up good enough for now. Therefore, this would make using fake flowers good for this job too!

A grapevine wreath, scissors, and a basket full of fresh lavender on the counter.

Here is what it takes to make this wreath –

  • a grapevine wreath – size is up to you
  • floral wire
  • scissors
  • a few bundles of lavender. I wish I could give an exact amount, but the thing I like about this wreath is its organic form and you can use less or more.

Now to make the wreath-

The wreath on the counter with the lavender being tied in a bundle inside the wreath.

  • Start grabbing a handful of lovely lavender and tie it with wire

Placing the bundles of lavender around the wreath.

  • Begin laying it on the wreath and tie it in with the same wire used to hold that handful
  • Continue to layer one bunch after another

Up close picture of the bundles of lavender wrapped around the wreath.

  • Trim each bunch and tuck into the other bunches to hide it

Trimming the edge of the lavender on the wreath.

  • At the end take smaller bunches and tuck them into spots that seem bare
  • There is no need to cover the entire wreath. I enjoy the grape vine branches peeking out

A plaster deer head with the wreath hanging around it.

  • Now hang your whimsical wreath somewhere fun!

The lavender in a basket on the table in the dining room.

So easy! I hope my DIY projects can be adapted to your personal taste and I try to always think of things that can be done in that very way. You can use lavender, fake flowers or boxwood too!

A white dining room table with a basket full of lavender on it.

Have a great weekend all!

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