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Small Spaces Series – Kids Rooms Part 2

Good Morning friends, hope everyone is having a good week so far! I’m sharing another part to my Small Spaces Series and today is part 2 for kid’s rooms. I am showing you our daughter’s room, which I know you have seen before and now there are a few updates I wanted to share from Beddy’s and Mayberry Lane Design. I am using her sweet little space to give some tips and tricks I use when decorating our home.

As I have continued to have the pleasure of blogging here with you, I would say I have learned a few things along the way.

(Side Note – Make sure to follow safety measures with any hanging garlands when used in children’s spaces).

Whether it be studying rooms, making design mistakes (or successes) and trying things out for myself! I do not claim to know it all and far from it, but I do know some of these things work well for smaller homes or really any home in general.

A well lit space being one of them! Something I added here in Ev’s room is extra lighting. Seen here with this shell Chandelier.

Not only is it a statement piece it is functional too, giving her more light to play.

Provide extra seating…

Stools and chairs are excellent tucked in corners or places that will be useful for reading and imagination. Originally I had this little side of her room set up completely different, but after trying it out for a bit I changed my mind completely. I don’t have the actual chair for her room yet and I’m not sure when I will get one…But I grabbed our dining chair to fit the bill and give the idea of how I would use the space. Which is a great thing to do when you are wanting to see if a design works – borrow something from the house before purchasing. Make sure it will function well.

Have Fun with Accessories…

Even though rooms may be small, does not mean they need to lack in the decor department ;).

Such as the swan seen above her play kitchen or these adorable flowers sent by a childhood family friend at Mayberry Lane Design. I reconnected with through Instagram and she has the loveliest floral creations!

Layers and layers of texture add dimension/interest even to the tiniest of rooms. You may notice her new zip up bedding here we received from Beddy’s… I can not say enough good things about this incredible bedding, it is smart and beautiful! A perfect combination! She can easily make her bed each day by simply zipping up the sides and that is it! The inside is soft and cozy too. Clearly, I am a big fan – is it obvious?! 😉 Stay tuned as we will be sharing how we incorporated this special bedding in our pop-up camper too!

Dressers double as design, closets and storage! I took her baby white dresser and gave it an inexpensive update with black chalk paint, matte varnish and these fancy knobs.

As I have mentioned before, I like to take closet doors off and use the space in a way that can still function properly and be pleasing to the eyes. So I fold clothes instead of hanging them and make this a spot to have another lamp. In addition, there is a mirror so as she grows she can use that to get ready on school days (especially since we have one bathroom ;).

Plastic boxes hold and organize toys that slide underneath the bed. It looks like I need to vacuum here and that Wyatt (our pup) has brought a little of the outdoors in with him – real life moment!

Stack soft and flexible storage.

These baskets and this storage ottoman hold toys, stuffed animals and little dolls as well!

I love that it can hide things away for the most part and she can pull things out easily!

Maximize storage wherever you can! Even her little kitchen holds plastic tubs with different toys.

Wyatt can’t resist this sweet space, but I know he loves it mostly because of her…

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit with me and a big thank you to Beddy’s for the beautiful zip up bedding and to Mayberry Lane Design for the pretty felt flowers (Mayberry Lane Design is offering readers 15% till this Saturday June 10th at midnight PST – use the code ZEVYJOY15)! All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Her bedroom is SO cute and I’m sure the perfect place for a little girl!! Thanks for sharing — love how the dresser turned out!

    1. Lanita thank you so much! You are always so kind and I love that you stop by to visit! Have a great day!

    1. Holly thank you so much! I will admit I get a little crazy when I decorate this girly space – lol. We have a boy’s room here too ;)… I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Annie!! You are simply amazing!! I seriously need you to come help me with the girls room as now that we’ve added a baby boy the girls need to share a space now!

  3. I love how the room looks so sophisticated but girly at the same time! Love the texture! Beautiful!

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