Grapevine Planter

I will show you how to make this adorable grapevine planter!

A white dresser with white candles and a grapevine planter on it beside books.

Hey you all! Hope you have been having a fun week! I just wanted to stop in for a quick and easy tutorial that was inspired by Terrain… It is a charming grapevine planter that can be used with lots of fun fillers. It is such a pretty accessory to any nightstand, desktop or in multiples could be a tablescape!

You will need…

A grapevine sphere, shears and moss on the counter.

  • A grapevine sphere found at your local craft store
  • Spanish Moss (enough to fill your sized sphere)
  • Green Moss (enough to cover the inside of your sphere)
  • Pruning shears or strong scissors (Practice safety with any tools)
  • Faux flowers or succulents

To assemble this sweet little planter you will…

A small circle cut out of the grapevine sphere.

  • Cut a small circular section out of the top of your grapevine sphere using your pruning shears.

Putting moss inside the sphere.

  • Stuff in the Spanish Moss until you have filled the sphere and then line the green Moss as much as you can around the sphere so that is what you will see peeking out.

Adding the succulents to the grapevine sphere.

  • Now begin inserting the picks of your lovely faux succulents or flowers. Arrange it in a way that will sit nicely when the sphere is upright.

The planter all put together on the counter.

  • And there you have it! This little DIY took 10 minutes and I love it. I love texture too so it should come as no surprise that this project was just all that!

An aerial view of the grapevine planter on the counter.

Thank you for stopping by and can’t wait to see you back later tonight for The Inspiration Gallery!

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