Taking Time to Enjoy…

Hello friends! Hope that your summer has been off to a good start! I can hardly believe that we are here at the beginning of July… is it possible that before I know it summer will have passed?! This week has felt slow, but the kind of slow that is rewarding. We spent the last few weeks camping, traveling and spending time with extended family. We have loved it and as it came to a close we also found ourselves excited for down time. Mornings where the kiddos color at the table and spend afternoons riding circles on their bikes.

Time for snuggles and quality interaction. Putting the pause on fast pace and looking each other in the eyes during later dinners…

Yearning for treats even though we have had too many… 😉

Slower mornings and fresh clean sheets…

Actually enjoying all that hard work put into projects and getting things ready for the season.

I am always reminded that there really isn’t anything quite like summer. Although Christmas has undoubtably been a favorite time of year, Summer is trying to win my heart over.

And of course, in the middle of all that fun there is still some time for house projects… such as these black painted french doors and a little sneak peek at an area in our home that got a few updates – can’t wait to share soon! Have a wonderful rest of your week and see you at The Inspiration Gallery!

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    1. Susan thank you so much – I love that you visit! When I share these photos I can’t believe how much they have grown, it is true what they say – that time really flies… Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  1. Being an owner of a cocker spaniel I love seeing your dog in so many of your posts. Like mine, I am sure your sweet spaniel is your third kid as well. Beautiful photos!

    1. Hi Nicole, thank you so much and he truly is! He completes our little family =)… as yours does too I am sure!

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