DIY Spray Painted Plum Faux Fall Leaves

A DIY For Spray Painted Fall Leaves

How To Make Spray Painted Fall Leaves

Hello friends! Today is the official start of Fall over here on Zevy Joy and I can’t wait to share simple tips/projects for the season. I am joining my sweet friend Kristen at Ella Claire & Co. for The Seasons of Home Series where you will get all kinds of beautiful ideas. My first project is a budget friendly DIY, sharing how to easily transform faux leaves with a plum colored spray paint. I have seen all sorts of lovely deep purple colored faux foliage this season and wanted to recreate the look for a fraction of the cost. These cost me about half the price of what I could buy online. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how good and realistic these turned out!

DIY Spray Painted Plum Faux Fall Leaves

Here is how you can recreate this DIY:

  • I bought three traditional fall leaf stems at the craft store, eggplant colored (the deeper purple, the better) spray paint and then espresso spray paint. The amount of spray paint you will need will depend on how many stems you are using. I would say, I used about a half can of spray paint per stem (mine were large stems too).
  • Make sure to use safety gear (mask, eye protection, and gloves) when doing this. I simply started by spray painting the leaves with the espresso color first on all of the stems. I gave them a good coat, but didn’t saturate things too much. I did like to let some of the original color show through because this makes them look more realistic. Then I followed up with eggplant colored spray paint in the same way. This is a project that you just have to see as you go, meaning you may want to start with lighter coats and then go darker when necessary.
  • Let them dry and air out fully before using them. And there you have it!
DIY Spray Painted Plum Faux Fall Leaves

Here is an example of one stem where you can see how I painted half and what a difference it makes! I couldn’t believe how much more this looked like a stem I had cut off of a tree once it was spray painted!

DIY Spray Painted Plum Faux Fall Leaves

I did some research, and the shape/color of these leaves truly resembles a beech tree best. It is an incredible likeness.

DIY Spray Painted Plum Faux Fall Leaves

Here’s a look closer up, can you see some of the original color poking through?

DIY Spray Painted Plum Faux Fall Leaves

I love them! I would like to experiment with other colors and methods in the future, but these will hold a permanent spot here on the mantel throughout the fall season.

I hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to check out these wonderful ideas down below too! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. I would have never thought to spray paint faux leaves! It a great idea and yours turned just beautiful! The colors are so indicative of fall, in a more modern spin!

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