DIY Post – Summer/Spring Linen Frayed Throw


Back in the Fall, I did a tutorial for a fringed Blanket Scarf.  The project is simple and inexpensive – just how I like it! I got the idea to do this agin but instead, this time make a blanket you could use through the summer months and embellish easily! 

Here is what you will need: 

– 1 1/2 or 2 yards of linen blend material – here is the material I used. I chose the larger home decor fabric so that my blanket would be a bit wider. Hold the material out and see if you are happy with the size before it is cut – you can always adjust thee measurements.

– a seam ripper (can be found here)

– yarn of choice for embellishing the blanket (optional)

– a knitting needle to use for embellishing (can be found here)

How you will make your blanket….

Starting at one end of your blanket begin pulling the threads out on the top. You will be unthreading/fraying the two cut sides of your rectangle of fabric. I like the finished looking sides of the material and chose to keep them as is. Follow my previous tutorial here for more in depth directions.


To finish off the blanket and prevent continued fraying, tie off a few of the corner threads with a double knot as shown in the corner of the blanket above.

You can leave your blanket as is and keep it simple – which looks perfect and cozy. You can also add more like these inspiring throws by putting poms (tutorial from Jones Design Company), tassels (tutorial from Craftberry Bush), or threading yarn and doing a twisted rope like I did (YouTube video here). 

This would make a perfect gift for a loved one or yourself. As always by using craft store coupons you can make this blanket for a fraction of the cost it would take to buy it.  I hope you try it out and have a lovely week friends! Thanks for stopping by!

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