Design Plans For Our Kitchen Part Two – Tile!

A Look At Plans For Our Kitchen!

*This post is sponsored by TileBar.

Our Renovation Plans For The Kitchen And What Is Coming Next…

I can’t believe it, but we are about to start the second phase of our kitchen renovation! I have shared a part one post for what we planned to do and today I am so excited to be sharing the plans for the next phase in partnership with TileBar!

Here are the views of our kitchen and what it looked like once we prepped everything for the process. While it isn’t looking too pretty, it is shortly on its way to looking so much better!

For this stage of the design, we decided to do counter to ceiling tile… Eeek… I can hardly wait! We will hang floating shelves, a pot rack and fill the shelves with charming kitchen accessories/necessities. And we just got our delivery of tiles so here is a closer look at them.

We decided to go with the Montauk Gin 4×4 Ceramic Wall Tile and it is so very pretty! Here are some of them laid out…

They have this beautiful organic feel and texture to them. The finish is satin which also gives them a lovely sheen. Honestly, it reminds me of an opulent shell which is why I was drawn to them.

One of the many reasons we went with TileBar, is because they had a great variety of tiles to choose from and gorgeous choices as well. It was hard to choose!

Now we just need to confirm the layout/design we will have for the walls. Up above is a stacked configuration. And below, is a classic running bond/staggered look.

As of right now, we are leaning toward the staggered look, it feels classic and just what this kitchen is calling for.

I have shared this mood board before of our plans, but thought it fitting to share one more time before this kitchen gets an overhaul!

I am so grateful to work with a wonderful company like TileBar, make sure to go check out their website! I appreciate you all so much and for visiting with me here, sharing in our joy as we show you these kitchen renovation plans/updates in our sweet home.

Thanks so much to TileBar for sponsoring this post!

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  1. These tiles are beautiful! I would do the stacked configuration because I think it will look less busy once you add the open shelving with decor on the shelves. No matter what you do, I know it will look amazing!

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