DIY Hanging Herb Garden Made from a Macrame Plant Holder

Hello all and Happy Monday! Welcome today as I join in on a fun DIY Summer Decor Hop hosted by my sweet friend Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers! I am thrilled to have those of you who are joining here from Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe too! Lately, I have been incorporating lots of hanging planters in our decor and thought it would be fun to make one that held a variety of pots or herbs. Which brought me to today’s project that is a hanging herb garden! And in my opinion, herbs are the way to Summer’s heart!

The best part is that this project uses something pre-made and all it takes is a bit of adjusting to convert it to the finished product! I searched around town to find the right rope for what I had envisioned here, but then saw these simple macrame plant hangers at our local grocery store. As soon as I found them I knew they would work even better and do exactly what I needed! A win – win in the crafting world ;), lol.

Anyhow, here is what you will need to make one yourself…

  • Simple macrame plant hanger
  • A variety of grown herbs (small potted size)
  • Coordinating pots to hold the herbs (if you don’t like the ones that your herbs or plants come in). Please note that plastic pots will sit a bit straighter and then terra-cotta or ceramic ones will hang a little more crooked due to their weight. *Any time you are doing something with food, make sure you are using food safe products too.

Here is how you will make these hanging herb gardens:

  • Keep your simple macrame pot hanger hanging. Find one of the sections that you want to insert a plant into and start loosening up the knots up above. You can get them to slide up and down as you loosen them.

  • You can see here how I took the knot and began to change the size or position of the loop hole. I made it smaller for the pot.

  • Then tighten the knots as you have the pots in place. It is easiest to do this without plants inside but you can do it either way.

  • Make sure the loops are tight and then start putting in your planted pots.

  • Here you can see them hanging all ready to go!

  • You will want to have this placed somewhere that it will not get knocked around easily, as they are tilted with dirt inside ;)…

And that is it!

I happen to love the beachy or boho-chic vibe that macrame plant hangers bring to spaces and this herb garden version is a sweet twist.

I used it in the kitchen to photograph, but I already have it moved outdoors onto our patio where I am loving it now too.

Vases of flowers are always a beautiful touch to any space as are live plants.

Even better, are plants that serve both as decoration and then for food.

That is one of my favorite ways to enjoy greenery throughout the kitchen.

This project was inexpensive, easy and useful all the same and just screams summer to me.

Summer months yearn for cooking and barbecuing all of which require fresh vibrant herbs.

This little garden fits the bill just right!

Don’t forget to enjoy the rest of the tour and go visit my wonderful friends Kristi and Kelly at Lolly Jane! These ladies are so talented and kind – I had the total pleasure of meeting them back in October…

Thanks so much for stopping by today and see you tomorrow for some more Summer fun!




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