DIY Post – Marquee Letters

I thought with Valentines Day coming it would be fun to have some Marquee Letters that spelled out XO. I was inspired by this tutorial on ispydiy.com and was able to make this project under $15 (by using some Craft Store coupons).


Here is what you will need..
– Cardboard letters
– Razor (not pictured)
– Something to mark your letters (pen – also not pictured)
– A nail set (that is the yellow tool pictured)
– Box of string lights. Any kind would work but I did find these on Amazon…

Here is what you will do…

– Start by using the razor to cut the top layer off each letter. Inside there will be some cardboard filling that you can remove. Make sure to leave the sides and the bottom of the letter in tact. You are only removing the top as close to the side seams as possible.
– Then begin marking off where your lights will go. I layed it out before hand and went about an inch and a half apart.
– Next, using the nail set punch a small hole where you have made marks.

– Now comes the fun part! I used a black and a silver metallic acrylic paint (about a dollar each) to give it an industrial zinc finish. I used this tutorial from Jones Design Company. You could do any color or finish though.


– Turn the painted letters over and start inserting the lights into the holes. With these lights I needed to remove the bulb cover so I could fit them into the holes.

– After you have finished getting the lights in – replace the bulbs on top.

That is it! Again pretty simple – very inexpensive and looks great! I hope you try it out and if you do let me know how it goes! Thanks for stopping by!


(You may spy a Seahawks cap in the background… GO HAWKS!!!)

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  1. So stinkin’ cute! (And the lit letters are CUTE too!) Love his little hat backwards in the mirror…. Ha!

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