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Holiday Entertaining Blog Tour – Valentine’s Day

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Hello friends and welcome today to a beautiful set of tours hosted by Lory at Designthusiasm as a part of the Holiday Entertaining Blog Tours – Valentines Day! If you are visiting here from my creative and talented friend, Kristen at Ella Claire – thank you so much and I am thrilled to have you!

I was really excited for this tour because I love sharing different table and entertaining ideas as the year rotates around the festive holidays. This was especially fun today to make the table romantic and chic. I wanted something that suited my casual style but was special for this “love” holiday.

As I was pulling out all the elements, I thought that there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to use our wedding China dishes than now. They are special in design and fit for an elegant table.

Anyhow, I started wiping down our fine dishes and separating them. Originally I had planned on setting the entire table for 6, but when I couldn’t find the complete set of dishes (oops…) I went with a table for two! ha!

After all, my vision was to make a pretty spread and this was even better because it would be set for the hubby and I to enjoy on our date night. Of course it would be spent at home as the kiddos would be asleep and this would be our typical way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I think it is just perfect that way ;).

I’m still not sure where the rest of the dishes are and they must be tucked safely away in a box somewhere… Regardless, the missing dishes allowed me to share what our table would really look like for our exclusive dinner.

I recently made over this long crate I had (pictured above and DIY coming soon) and filled it with Roses, Dusty Miller and (my fav) varieties of Eucalyptus.

Like most of my arrangements, I wanted it to be free flowing, organic and droopy in places as the weight of real flowers would fall… Did I mention these are all faux flowers?

(Naples Rattan Chair from Grandin Road)

With a tight budget, I decided to use a Christmas Gift Card (from my generous Mother – in Law – thank you so much MIL!) at JoAnn’s and buy these pretty florals instead. Combined with what I already had at home (plus a little real seeded eucalyptus) they made the perfect arrangement.

I also purchased these unfinished candlesticks for less than a couple dollars a piece and spread them all around the flowers. It was a fun dramatic effect with the differing heights of candlesticks.

Even though real flowers are such a delight – these faux ones did just the trick and were an indulgence atop my table.

Paired with vibrant fruit colors, the table felt like it was set back in time, almost a period piece (I have been watching some shows from the history channel lately and it made me think maybe I channeled my inner historian for this decor today – lol)…

The unfinished candlesticks and warm wood tray offset the romantic flare of the fanciful roses too and that is kinda how I like to do things around here ;).

In all truth and beauty, I would have to move the centerpiece during our date night so that the hubby and I could actually talk face to face but you get the idea of what a fun statement it would make for this time of year.

Candlelight was just the icing on the cake… *Please note, that faux flowers are flammable and you should not light real fire next to them. 

Flickering lights makes everything better, don’t they?!

Even my kiddos insisted on dinner at the “flower” table and had the best time. So although I set this in thoughts of my husband and I, this could be perfect for any special occasion with any group of people.

I hope you enjoyed today and that you are leaving a little inspired for some table settings you may be entertaining with.

Thank you so much for stopping by and please don’t forget to head over to my very talented friend Jennifer at Town and Country Living. Everything she does is lovely! Here is the entire list of today’s tour below and in addition we have included Monday’s tour for you to enjoy!


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  1. Wow, I couldn’t tell the flowers were faux. Your centerpiece was very striking. Love fresh eucalyptus.
    Love the gold candles too. I also like how you added wood to your table in the candleholders and cutting board.

  2. Annie this is so beautiful! I hope you and your husband have a lovely Valentine’s Day around this stunning table you’ve created! xoxo

  3. Annie, I am completely blown away that your arrangement is faux! It’s stunning!! I had no idea when I saw the photos. How fun that you serendipitously had to set the table for two (although I hope you find the rest of those lovely dishes… ;-)). Love it!

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