The Kitchen, The Heart Of Our Homes…

This post is sponsored by Lumber Liquidators and Hanstone Quartz.

Hello Friends! I know I may have scared you with all that talk of Fall already, haha. But honestly, thank you for the sweet words you left and for joining in the fun even if you aren’t ready for it ;). Today I am sharing the story of our kitchen, the place so many of us refer to as the heart of our homes.

I’m talking about the phases this sweet space has endured through the last ten years and how a little sweat, love and sometimes tears can make a house a home. And for a little extra fun, I will be sharing a couple peeks into what is happening for the next stage. Truthfully I am beginning to lose track of the stages. More important than that number is the number of  memories, milestones and moments we have found joy here in our every day.

Below you can see a look into the years and the transformations these walls have seen.

The Kitchen, The Heart of Our Homes

Here is what she looks like today…

The Kitchen, The Heart of Our Homes

I think it’s neat to look at all the changes and how we made them with our time and energy and a lot of teamwork. I’m finally getting the opportunity to add the finishing details to our humble kitchen. As you can see before, our kitchen worked perfectly “as is” for us throughout the seasons… Though, it sure is thrilling for this designing, decorating, kitchen loving lady to play with this space!

Now for a couple peeks into what we will be working on this weekend…

The Kitchen, The Heart of Our Homes

Yup… we are changing the floors and I can’t wait! I do want to preface that while our floors are wood they are low grade hardwoods that we knew when buying them, they would need to be replaced or refinished with the next decade. And that day has come!

We have the opportunity to work with Lumber Liquidators and chose their CoreLuxe 5.5mm Sandbridge Oak EVP. It will also be finding its way into the sun room too.

The Kitchen, The Heart of Our Home

Here you can see the planks are wider, it’s waterproof and can be laid on top of our wood floors with underlayment! You can also see the condition of our floors currently, they are water damaged and the sun has shone its love by weathering the color more and more. It never hurts that this new flooring fits right in with my natural loving heart, as the oak is light and bright.

The Kitchen, The Heart of Our Home

Next, you can see the Countertop choice we made… We also have the chance to work with the kind folks over at Hanstone Quartz and are going with the Montauk design. I took a poll on instagram sharing a couple of my top choices and this was the clear winner (it was my favorite as well, so a win-win)! This transformation will take place sometime next month.

There are few more additions on the way and I cannot wait to share more soon! Until then, here is a very basic mood board I threw together, which easily gives an idea of all the elements I plan to incorporate through these next couple months.

The Kitchen, The Heart of Our Home

I really do love our small home and though things have changed throughout the years, it is one of the biggest reasons Zevy Joy exists. An opportunity to share that no matter how grand or small, your home is yours. You can have big design wether that be with little square footage or a mansion, an extensive spending budget or only using what you already have…  No matter what, those are not limits for what makes home to you. There is so much joy to be found in the designing, the creating and the dreaming! Stay tuned as more of that is coming soon!

Always hoping you find inspiration and encouragement here and grateful to have you!

Thanks so much to Lumber Liquidators and Hanstone Quartz for sponsoring this post with their incredible product.


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  1. When I saw your name today in my inbox, I thought “Oh! I just love her!” I get excited to pop over here and see what you are up to. I’ll have to admit that I love the warm tones of your current floor with all the cooler tones of the whites and grays. At least in photos it gives this nice balance that’s not too cold and not too warm. I’ve always loved your projects though, and I’m excited to see.

    1. Angela, that makes me so happy to hear you enjoy visiting, truly! We have enjoyed our warmer floors throughout these last ten years too and I am glad that you think so as well. My hope is that our island will continue to bring in the warmth and contrast of wood tones as we change over and I do really hope you will continue to visit! Thanks again!

  2. We’ve used lumber Liquidators and love them. Love your floor choice. Can’t wait to see the finished look.

    1. Carol, I am so glad to hear you have too and like them! Thanks so much for sharing and I really appreciate the compliment as well, thank you! Have a great weekend…

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