The Launch of Everything Home Magazine

As you may have heard through my announcement here on the blog and on my Instagram account often, I am honored to be a part of a magazine called, Everything Home Magazine. Today is the big day as this beautiful and special magazine is launched.  The mission behind this magazine is to share the amazing talent and the individuals in each feature.  To shine a light on their ideas, their homes, thier projects and more.  This monthly magazine will highlight the seasons through decor, style, recipes, etc… You wont want to miss it and it is as simple as signing up for the subscription.  There is no charge to view or enjoy it either.

A very big thank you to the women behind this magazine, Collette Osuna (Editor-in-Chief) and Daraka McCrackin (Managing Editor) who have worked very hard and put so much of thier hearts into this lovely project.  Please make sure to check out all the incredible contributers who have done an amazing job in each of their roles.  I sincerely mean it when I say you will not be dissapointed.

You can find the very first issue here today – click the picture down below and it will take you to the magazine! Next issue will be released December 1st! As always thanks so much for stopping by~

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    1. Hi Patty, thank you so much! For a 8.5 x 11 full color sized printed copy it runs about 25 (with shipping) we can get you an actual quote with your shipping info if you would like to email the magazine. If so, you can put “magazine print copy” in the subject line and send it to – [email protected]

      Thanks so much for the sweet words Patty!

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