How to Make a Faux Succulent Cornucopia


I grew up in California where the sun would shine almost every day of the year, or at least it felt that way.  I didn’t know any different and I was completely naive to what it felt like to experience seasons.  I would most normally wake up on Christmas and it could be 70 degrees out. Although I do miss that sunshine that was a regular part of my life, now I get to watch the leaves turn and fall, snow drop to the ground, emerald green sprout from the earth and enjoy the warm summer days.


I tend to think about decorating based on these “new” seasons that are a part of my day to day, but was thinking about decorating for a place where seasons looked different.  Somewhere where it was warm most of the time and the flowers/foliage varied from what is part of my norm.


Succulents fit that description perfectly to me. I love the beauty of succulents and wanted to think of a way to integrate them into Thankgiving decorations.  Originally I was planning on making a fruit cornucopia then decided that filling it with succulents would put a good spin on this traditional piece.  Plus it would be perfect when decorating and living somewhere warm.

Here is what you will need to make this type of cornucopia…


  • Cornucopia itself (I found mine at the thrift store and see them there all the time)
  • Faux succulents (I was able to buy mine on sale at the craft store)
  • Spanish Moss
  • Preserved moss for covering at the very end

Here is how you will assemble the cornucopia…


  • Stuff your cornucopia with the Spanish Moss and make sure it is filled tightly.
  • Begin inserting the different varieties and sizes of succulents.  I found it helpful to use my finger to push a hole in first and then the succulent after.
  • Continue this step until you have filled the open space of the cornucopia.
  • Now take the preserved moss and break it up so that you can cover and fill the spaces that the Spanish Moss is visible.



This craft was put together very quickly and I was thrilled with the results.  You will be too and I hope you share if you try it out.  Thanks so much for stopping by!




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