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Fall DIY Post, Sweater Sleeve Pumpkins

I will show you how to take an old sweater and turn it into a pumpkin!

White sweater pumpkin with twill wrapped around the top.
When I first started zevy joy, I shared a tutorial for making a linen pumpkin (you can find here). This year I wanted to make a simple sweater version for my fall decor. The shape is a bit more abstract but they do resemble pumpkins.

Rope, twigs and sweater all on the counter.
Here is what you will need:
– A sleeve cut off from an old sweater about 10 inches. I got mine from a thrift store for a couple dollars and originally used the rest of it for a pillow).
– a 5 inch diameter circle cut from the same sleeve or another piece of the sweater.
– stuffing (I used the craft store’s polyester stuffing).
– glue gun and glue sticks (if you don’t have one you could sew it by machine or hand).
– 3-5 inch piece of driftwood or stick.
– twine or some type of ribbon.
The sweater sleeves cut up on counter.
Cut out your sleeve and circle…

Putting the sweater circle onto the sleeve.
Hot glue the circle to the bottom portion of the sleeve. There is no special way to do this. I actually like when they look a little less than perfect – it adds character.

Stuffing the sleeve of the sweater with filling.
Stuff the pumpkin until it is the shape you would like. Just make sure to leave at least a couple inches empty from the top.

White sweater pumpkins sitting on counter.
Put your drift wood or stick into the stuffing and center of the open pumpkin. Use your twine or ribbon to tie of the top and if there is enough material you can fold it over (like pictured).

The top of pumpkin with the driftwood sticking out the top.
That is it! Easy and I hope you try it out. Nice thing is that for hardly anything you can make these and not need to worry about rotting pumpkins – you can use them year after year. Thanks for stopping by!

Two sweater pumpkins sitting on the counter.

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