Simple Fall Ambiance With Candles, Colors And Textures

How To Bring Fall Ambiance Into Your Home With Candles, Color And Textures!

Candles, Color And Texture Add Ambiance To Any Room For Fall!

I have really thinking about seasonal decorating and how I want to incorporate that into my home this year. For the fall season, I really wanted to keep things as simple as possible while still evoking that ambiance and coziness. Today I am sharing how I do just that with candles, colors and textures. It is really that easy! I am joining Kristen at Ella Claire and Co. for the Seasons of Home series so make sure to check out all of the lovely ideas at the end here.

Candles are in my opinion the most obvious example of how to bring an ambience to your space. You can see here I did just that by sprinkling taper candles throughout the room.

Simple Fall Ambiance With Candles, Colors And Textures

I do have a little tip when doing this around faux or real foliage… I like to use led (faux) candlestick when I am placing anything close to plants or stems. This is the safest way to get the look you want and I have peace of mind knowing I am not taking a risk with flames so close to flammable items.

While this is technically not a candle, I’ve also got my led cordless table lamp here on our side table. I just love the soft light it emits and I can move it all over!

Simple Fall Ambiance With Candles, Colors And Textures

Next on the list is color! You may remember those DIY plum colored leaves I shared a couple posts back. They are still going strong and I really enjoy the moody, but colorful addition they are in here. So while they are purple, they feel muted and not too overpowering. Same with these caramel/wheat pillows I threw on the sofa. They just round things out nicely.

These pillows not only bring some tonal/earthy color to the space they also incorporate that texture I mentioned earlier. Texture is a great way to add ambience or a relaxed feeling to a room. They are velvet so they are soft and cozy. Along with blankets, wool, etc… There are so many great ways to incorporate texture.

I really tried to limit how much I brought in so that it didn’t feel too busy in here, yet it felt like a change in the season. Using candles, colors and texture is a wonderful way to do this. I hope you found these tips helpful! Please make sure to visit my friends down below too. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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