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Since the last time I shared pictures of our home a lot has changed and I wanted to give a more updated tour. I tackled my biggest sewing project yet last year by making a slip cover for our sectional and painted our living room. We also added some open shelving and a cow to our kitchen. Our front room is the room that has changed the most as far as function. It has been a formal living room, a guest bedroom and now it is a little bit of both. All of these changes were DIY and I will be sharing more specifics of some of the projects in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!




















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    1. Meghan you are the sweetest and I am so complimented that you took the time to check things out on here! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Rachel! Good question =) – it has really been easier than I thought! I had heard people say that washable covers are great for little ones and it is true! Whenever we have a big spill I can throw it in right away (for really tough stains I will occasionally use bleach or super washing soda) and for normal wear/tear I just wash a couple times throughout the year.

  1. Your home is lovely! I am so jealous of those windows with the surrounding fir trees in view. I was wondering, where did you get the crystal chandelier over your table?

    1. Thanks so much Mariel! I actually took a chandelier of craigslist and redid it! Hoping to share a tutorial someday soon!

  2. Wow! Lovely home! I was thinking of replacing the glass in my country style cabinet and hutch with chicken wire….was it hard to do? Did you spray paint it? I just love your budget friendly ideas…you are very talented. So glad I found you through craftberry bush!

    1. Thanks so much Kim! It was so easy to replace the glass – I just cut and then stapled to the cabinet. I ended up buying copper chicken wire online but spray painting it is a good idea too!! I appreciate you finding me!

  3. Hello Annie! Love looking at your blog and will start following you all the time! I noticed you painted your hutch. Do you know the color? Love the soft green!
    Thank you for the time you invest in your blog. It’s lovely!!!

    1. Danielle that is such a lovely and thoughtful compliment – thank you! I really appreciate and am glad to have you here! I tried to track it down the other day and couldn’t find it. I will keep searching and let you know if I do! Thank you again ~

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