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Classic Christmas Table Set for Brunch

Get all the beautiful details here for my classic Christmas table set for brunch.

This post is sponsored by Lenox.

Kids sitting at the white table eating brunch.

Friends I can hardly believe it, but Christmas is nearly here! Doesn’t it always seem to sneak up…?! I just want to savor these sweet (and busy) days leading up to it as it does go by so fast. In preparation for the big day and celebration, I have Christmas brunch on my mind. This is a favorite tradition of ours and I had the pleasure of partnering with Lenox to share some easy ideas for a classic christmas table all set for brunch. Like I mentioned, we have always loved our Christmas morning brunch and this year will be no different. I got to planning our holiday table and we even did a little dress rehearsal, which the kids always enjoy because it usually involves treats… ;)!A white pitcher, a branch from a Christmas tree, candles all on the table.

I used their Alpine Dinnerware Collection to set the scene and I must say, I think it steals the show! To compliment the pretty white dishware, I added live simple greens to the table. This not only smells amazing, it brings texture as well.

Having a pitcher like this Alpine Carved one, make serving water or juice straight from the table hassle free.

White plates on the table with a white napkin.

You can see how these Alpine Accent Plates have a lovely carved like detail on them in the shape of a snowflake.

A white plate with a snowflake carved in the plate.

Nestled inside the greens, I placed Lenox’s Alpine Wooden Large and Medium Candlesticks. Sprinkling flickering candlelight throughout the table makes the most lovely ambience, even in the late morning hours…

A single candle surrounded by branches of a pine tree on the table.

And little details like snowflakes falling on their Alpine Highball Glasses give those subtle details that make things just a bit more special.

A clear glass with a snowflake etched on it, lit candles and pine branches on the table.

Having fruit displayed within a pretty bowl like this Alpine 3 Piece Wooden Salad Bowl Set welcomes family/friends to enjoy fresh treats right there at the table. Plus, it makes things a little brighter with the addition of those vivid colors.

Plates, bowls and cutlery on the table.

The details on the wooden bowl are so sweet and in my opinion, could be used all year long. They pair nicely with their Alpine Carved 4 Piece Bowl Set.

Wooden carved bowl with fruit in it, on the table beside white bowls.

And as I was photographing this whole set up, I quickly snapped this precious moment of these two down below… I couldn’t resist, those moments are my favorite to capture.

Little girl lying on the floor beside the table with the dog.

Here you can see the whole table put to use with buttery, gooey Belgian waffles waiting to be enjoyed.

Most years, we have cinnamon rolls, this year with all our food restrictions, I am still determined to make something we enjoy!

Black chairs, a wooden table, a beaded chandelier all decorated for Christmas brunch.

Now you can watch the entire set come to life with yummy treats, candle glow and more…

Waffles on the plate with a white pitcher on the table.

Our Christmas morning will be an intimate gathering just like this and I plan to recreate this scene then as well.

Waffles, candles, pitcher, bowls and fruit on the table.

With elegant dishware and accessories like this, you don’t have to put a ton of effort into the set up. The details speak for themselves.

Four plate settings on the table ready for brunch.

Just sharing this post is getting me more and more excited in anticipation for this special morning.

Distressed wooden table, waffle on the plate, and a decorated Christmas tree in dining room.

We will start the morning with our usual traditions and then find our way here with the aroma of baked goodies, warm coffee and good company.

Two kids sitting on a dining room bench, in matching checkered green PJ's eating the waffles.

I think these two may be the most ready of all ;)!

Thanks so much for stopping by you all and a big thank you to Lenox for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Your table looks beautiful! Very simple but elegant. Loved the dishes too. Do you mind sharing where you bought your table? Yours is exactly what I’m looking for but can’t seem to find one like yours. The color and everything is perfect! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    1. Shelia thank you so much! I really appreciate that. I actually bought this table years ago on Craigslist. I did just use chalk paint to give it an update and I have all the supplies listed here on my chalk painted table post if you would like! I hope that helps and same to you!

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