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DIY post, Make your own Beauty Products and Save


An additional way we save a good chunk of change each month is by making some of our own beauty products or using simple ingredients for product. For example we use coconut oil like crazy around our house. Not only for cooking, but I use it as my day and night cream. I literally take a small amount (nickel size) and use it just as I would normal face cream and I love it! My husband uses it to style his hair (he has very curly hair). Other ways we have used it have been for make-up remover, lip balm and cuticle oil. It is greasy so be careful to avoid your eyes when using. Supposedly it has many beneficial remedies and if you research a bit there are many other ways to use it!


I use Vitamin E Oil as my own eye serum.  I just put a pea sized amount in the palm of my hand and using my ring finger blot it under my eye.  Again – this is also greasy so just be careful to avoid getting it into your eyes.


I have found a good recipe for dry shampoo on Gimme Some Oven’s Blog (here)  This is great for busy mornings and it really works!  I use a powder brush to apply it to my hair and let it sit for as long as possible.  Then whenever needed I style my hair as usual.  I have blonde hair but if your hair is darker I noticed many recipes calling for cocoa powder.  There are tons of quality recipes out there on the web.  I store my dry shampoo in small mason jars and have had not problem.  Just remember to keep the lid on air tight.


Here is a recipe I found to make your own bronzing powder from tipsforher.com .  I have started using this in place of my blush and I use my powder brush to highlight areas on my face that would normally get sun.  An additional bonus to this mixture is that it smells lovely!  I will note that you may want to adjust the cocoa powder as you go…  I made this mixture and added a bit more later (as I kept trying it out on my hand).  I keep this in a mason jar with lid too.


Those are just a few to try for now.  It takes some getting used to when making anything from scratch and you may want to vary amounts of ingredients as you see fit.   As always, take precaution and make sure if trying these that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.  Thanks for stopping by!


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