Weekend Wrap Up

A Wrap Up Of What We Have Been Up To!

I recently turned this photograph into a poster for art that we will use in our home!

A Summary Of This Week And Some Catching Up Here At Zevy Joy

Hi there sweet friends! We took a little extra time off with a last minute vacation, celebrated our anniversary (17 years) and are getting ready to start some new projects… I am starting a new weekly series here on the blog where I will share a bit of a wrap up or recap of the week and catch you up on some miscellaneous things (with more candid photos and things will be a little more informal).


I didn’t share much about this the last couple years, but with our move I also chose to homeschool our kids. They will be heading back to school as we end our homeschool chapter (bittersweet but they are excited) so I am planning to be sharing much more here as the school year begins and am looking forward to it very much. I am going to switch things up a little bit and have some fun new ideas, so stay tuned for that.


These last two weeks we spent some time in Arizona (it is a doable drive for us here in California) and then my husband and kids visited family/friends back in Washington for a bit (while I took care of our new little puppy).


Most of you may remember our precious pup, Wyatt as I shared him on here from time to time. He was with our family for nearly 14 years so you can imagine our heartbreak when we lost him this last spring.

We really have always enjoyed having 2 dogs so we recently added a fur baby to the family. His name is Winston and he has been a joy! He makes us laugh, is a lot of work – haha and keeps our good boy Wesley company as well. Meet Winston… (he is still pretty little, so it was a bit tricky to get him to sit still – lol).


We have 2 big projects coming up this early fall (September) and I can’t quite share but they are going to be fun! I don’t love teasing you with that info, but let’s just say that both projects are going to really warm things up and bring that rustic yet coastal feel I have been working hard to achieve here in our home.

New To Me And What’s To Come

I work really hard to shop within a budget (we have a pretty specific budget for clothing/beauty/home decor). I haven’t really shared that on a regular basis with you in the past but am going to start now! I am going to show you things I have thrifted, am trying out or just plain love!

For example, here is a beautiful mirror I just thrifted (for an unbelievable $20) and am going to use in our powder bath. I can’t wait to update that whole space!

Here is what the bathroom looked like before… This is not a great picture, but when I get going in here I will share some better ones.

Just so you can see how much better it looks already just with this new mirror though (this bathroom needs some work)!

Design Services

Lastly, HERE is info for my design services. I have some openings for new clients right now and would love to work with you! Please email me at [email protected] for further details and we can get working on your next project!

I am so glad to have you here, thanks so much for helping support my business with your visits!



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