Progress In The Garden…

A Look At The Progress In Our Garden!

Progress In The Garden Area Of Our Backyard!

When we moved into this home we knew we would need to work on some things over time. One of those things was the garden area in our backyard. While it is a lovely space (which we are super thankful for) it was feeling a little sparse.

You can imagine how excited I was last week when we found someone that was giving away huge fox tail agave! I quickly messaged her and arranged pickup.

These plants were so much heavier than we imagined, haha! But we still loaded them up into the truck and brought them home.

They are all planted now and really helped fill this garden up.

While we still have a ways to go, this is a great start!

Eventually we will add some more drought tolerant plants like rosemary and lavender. Until then we are so happy with this!

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