6 Versatile Ways to Decorate with Clamshells

Clamshells aren’t just for beachside homes; they’re versatile decor accents that can add a touch of coastal charm to any space, all year round. They are a perfect way to incorporate classical touches to any decor style.

From simple accents to functional pieces, here are six creative ways to decorate with clamshells and elevate your home decor game.

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Clam Shell Decorating

1. Pair with Ferns for Natural Elegance

Enhance the natural beauty of clamshells by pairing them with lush ferns for a touch of organic elegance. Place small ferns inside large clam shells to create unique and eye-catching planters that bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors. Display them on tabletops or mantels for a refreshing and sophisticated accent that adds a pop of greenery to any room. I simply layered some faux fern stems here above, but have always loved the thought of setting a big fern plants inside. I would leave it in the pot so watering was easy.

2. Floor or Shelf Decor

Make a statement with clam shells by using them as floor or shelf decor. Arrange a collection of shells of various sizes and shapes on a shelf or console table for an artful display that captures the essence of coastal living. A single clam shell sitting a top books or next to them is a lovely statement. Alternatively, place a larger clam shell (like ours above) and let it be a focal point next to fireplaces (safely away from the heat) or entryways.

6 ways to decorate with clam shells

3. Festive Holiday Ornaments

Celebrate the holiday season in style by incorporating clamshells into your festive decor. Use small shells as unique ornaments by attaching hooks or strings and hanging them on your Christmas tree or wreath. You can also fill larger shells with holiday greenery or mini ornaments to create charming tabletop displays that add a touch of coastal flair to your holiday gatherings.

4. Bathroom Bliss with Soaps and Sponges

Transform your bathroom into a coastal retreat by incorporating clam shells into your decor. Use large shells as elegant soap dishes or sponge holders for your vanity or bathtub. Arrange a collection of smaller shells filled with fragrant bath salts or handmade soaps on a tray for a spa-like touch that adds a hint of seaside luxury to your daily routine. I have this smaller clamshell that works so well decoratively on the counter, but also hold necessities.

5. Vessels for Potted Plants or Bulb Flowers

Bring the beauty of the beach into your home with clam shells as vessels for potted plants. Plant small succulents or air plants inside large shells for charming tabletop gardens that require minimal maintenance. Display them in sunny windowsills or on bookshelves for a touch of coastal whimsy that adds life and texture to your living space. This example above is a faux clamshell. I carefully drilled a water drainage hold at the bottom which allows me to grow plants inside. I have loved having this near our kitchen window.

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6. Entertaining Essentials

Elevate your entertaining game with clam shells by using them as stylish holders for bottles or condiments. Place chilled bottles of wine or champagne inside large shells filled with ice for a chic and functional wine cooler that doubles as a conversation starter. Alternatively, fill smaller shells with dips, sauces, or garnishes for a festive touch at your next cocktail party or summer barbecue. I have yet to do this, but we plan to work on our outdoor spaces this summer, so I will need to move my clamshell out there for this!

I found my faux clamshell second-hand which is always worth trying to do. Whether that is in a thrift store, online or antiquing. Real ones can be very pricey. Faux are much more budget friendly. Below is a faux clam shell I found that looks like a nice option:

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

With their timeless appeal and endless versatility, clamshells are the perfect decor accent for adding coastal charm to your home decor all year long. So get creative and let your imagination run wild as you explore the many ways to decorate with these seaside treasures, from fern-filled planters to festive holiday ornaments and everything in between.

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