Our Tufted Headboard

I love my new DIY linen headboard!

Soft neutral linen headboard with white blankets and pillows.

Hello friends and welcome back! I made over this tufted headboard about a month ago, I have been meaning to share the simple process and am finally getting to it.

This is more of an inspiration project than a DIY because I took something and adjusted what was already there, but I think it could be a DIY without too much trouble =)…

Beige and brown tufted headboard with tag on it.

I was searching my local Hobby Lobby when I ran across this wall art on clearance seen above. After seeing the price I couldn’t resist buying it and making a transformation. I knew it would be the perfect addition to our DIY sofa bed.

Taking the frame off the board.

This wall art had a frame attached that could easily be removed. I first took the frame off and then began the fun.

The frame leaning with the old headboard against a wall.

I didn’t want to keep the dark embellishments or the roping, so those were the first to go.

Using an automatic screw screw gun to screw into plywood.

They were screwed into the plywood (similar to a drawer pull).

The board being lined with linen.

Now I lined the board with linen. I just cut around the frame ensuring it would fit.

Stapling the linen with the staple gun.

I stapled around the entire piece, making sure to put in lots of staples. I wanted this to be nice and snug.

I bought one of those button cover makers (which was a breeze to use) and then made all new linen buttons. I tied them together on the back and re-tufted the wall art.

Putting the frame back together.

I gave the frame a chalk paint finish and assembled it back on.

Soft white bed with tufted headboard and white ottoman.

(Rug from Rugs USA, Art from Wellbrock_Art, #7 Pillow from Painted Fox, Affiliate Link in Sidebar)

It gave our sofa bed just the right amount of height needed to finish this little space. I kept feeling like the bed was missing something and love the headboard. Now it adds texture, neutral tones and balance.

Again, I think this could be done with a lightweight board, some foam and following the basics of this piece I found (minus the frame). I hope it inspires you that decorating can be inexpensive while looking beautiful =).

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Your headboard is perfection and looks great in your space! I am very curious about the item you purchased for covering buttons. Did you purchase that at Hobby Lobby as well? I sew and I have always wanted to attempt button covering because it is such a pretty detail.

    1. Hi Paula, thank you so much! I had always wanted to try as well and this was the perfect opportunity! These were from JoAnn Fabrics and they were called button cover makers I believe. Less than 5 dollars for the kit and so easy!

  2. Very pretty–I have considered doing something similar by covering foam core board with batting and material. Maybe your project will give me the jump start I need. 🙂

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