My Favorite Blue Pillows For Summer Decor!

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your home decor, and one of the simplest ways to do so is by updating your pillows. Blue pillows, in particular, can infuse your space with a sense of calm, coolness, and coastal charm perfect for the season.

Discover the best blue pillows for summer decor, from solid hues to stripes, and varying shades and textures, to refresh your home!

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Striped Blue Pillows: Classic and Nautical

Stripes are synonymous with summer decor, often evoking a nautical theme. Striped blue pillows are both timeless and trendy, perfect for adding a touch of the seaside to your home.

  1. Navy and White Striped Pillow: This classic combination never goes out of style. A navy and white striped pillow can easily fit into a variety of decor styles, from coastal to modern farmhouse. Its clean lines and contrasting colors create a crisp, refreshing look.
  2. Blue Ombre Striped Pillow: For a more contemporary take on stripes, consider a blue ombre striped pillow. The gradual transition from light to dark blue adds a dynamic visual interest, making it a captivating addition to your decor.
  3. Thin Striped Light Blue Pillow: A pillow with thin, light blue stripes offers a subtler take on the stripe trend. It’s perfect for adding a hint of pattern without overwhelming the space, ideal for more minimalist or Scandinavian-inspired interiors.

Incorporating Striped Blue Pillows:

  • Mixing Patterns: Don’t be afraid to mix striped pillows with other patterns, such as florals or geometrics. The key is to maintain a consistent color palette to ensure harmony.
  • Nautical Theme: Pair striped blue pillows with nautical-themed decor like rope accents, anchors, and driftwood for a cohesive seaside look.
/Blue Striped Pillow Pictured Above/

Solid Blue Pillows: Timeless and Versatile

Solid blue pillows are a staple in any decor. Their versatility makes them a great choice for both minimalist and eclectic styles. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Navy Blue Linen Pillow: Linen is a classic summer fabric, breathable and lightweight. A navy blue linen pillow adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Its deep, rich color pairs well with white or neutral furniture, creating a striking contrast.
  2. Sky Blue Cotton Pillow: For a softer look, a sky blue cotton pillow is perfect. Its light hue evokes the clear summer sky, adding a refreshing and airy feel to your space. This pillow works wonderfully in coastal or cottage-themed rooms.
  3. Teal Velvet Pillow: Velvet might seem like an unusual choice for summer, but a teal velvet pillow can add a luxurious touch to your decor. Its rich texture and vibrant color make it a statement piece, ideal for adding depth and interest to your seating area.

Incorporating Solid Blue Pillows:

  • Layering: Combine different shades of blue pillows to create a layered, multidimensional look. For example, mix navy, sky blue, and teal pillows on a white sofa for a chic and cohesive arrangement.
  • Contrast: Use solid blue pillows to provide a pop of color against neutral or white backgrounds. This can instantly brighten up your space and draw attention to your seating area.
Favorite blue pillows
/Blue – Grey- Pillow Pictured Above/

Textured Blue Pillows: Adding Interest and Comfort

Texture plays a crucial role in making your decor feel cozy and inviting. Textured blue pillows can add both visual and tactile interest, enhancing the overall look and feel of your space.

  1. Knitted Blue Pillow: A knitted blue pillow brings a cozy, handcrafted feel to your decor. Its intricate patterns and soft texture make it perfect for snuggling up with on a cool summer evening.
  2. Blue Embroidered Pillow: Embroidered pillows add a touch of artistry and craftsmanship to your decor. Look for blue pillows with intricate designs, such as floral or geometric patterns, to add a unique and stylish touch.
  3. Blue Tassel Pillow: Tassels add a playful and whimsical element to your decor. A blue tassel pillow can bring a bohemian vibe to your space, making it feel more relaxed and laid-back.

Incorporating Textured Blue Pillows:

  • Mixing Textures: Combine different textures, such as knitted, embroidered, and tasseled pillows, to create a rich and layered look.
  • Comfort and Style: Ensure that textured pillows not only look good but also add to the comfort of your seating area. Soft, plush textures can make your space feel more inviting.

Varying Shades of Blue: Depth and Dimension

Using varying shades of blue in your pillows can add depth and dimension to your decor. This approach allows you to play with different tones and create a more dynamic, visually interesting space.

  1. Indigo Blue Pillow: Indigo is a deep, rich shade of blue that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. An indigo blue pillow can serve as a focal point in your decor, providing a grounding element amidst lighter tones.
  2. Aqua Blue Pillow: Aqua blue is vibrant and lively, perfect for injecting energy into your summer decor. It’s a great choice for spaces that need a bit of a lift, and it pairs beautifully with both warm and cool tones.
  3. Periwinkle Blue Pillow: Periwinkle, a soft blend of blue and purple, offers a unique and soothing hue. It’s an excellent choice for creating a calm, serene atmosphere, particularly in bedrooms or reading nooks.

Incorporating Varying Shades of Blue:

  • Gradient Effect: Arrange pillows in a gradient effect, transitioning from dark to light blue. This can create a visually pleasing and cohesive look.
  • Accent Colors: Use varying shades of blue pillows to complement other accent colors in your decor, such as yellow, coral, or green, for a vibrant and balanced palette.
/Similar Blue Pinstripe Pillow Cover – Not Exact As Above/

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Here is a List of Other Pillow Cover Options:

Blue Stripes
Velvet Blue
Embroidered Blue
Solid Blue

You can refer to this post for helpful tips and rules for pillows!

Updating your decor with blue pillows is an easy and effective way to bring the refreshing spirit of summer into your home. Whether you prefer solid colors, stripes, varying shades, or interesting textures, there are plenty of options to choose from. By thoughtfully selecting and arranging your blue pillows, you can create a space that feels both stylish and serene, perfect for enjoying the warm and sunny days ahead. Embrace the versatility and charm of blue pillows this summer, and watch as your home transforms into a coastal-inspired haven.

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