DIY Post – Putting Together a Gift Basket Under $20


Just last month I had the pleasure of putting a gift basket together for an exchange run by Becky at The Other Side of Nuetral.  I had so much fun picking out/making things for my buddy in mind. I thought I would share how I did it and how you can make one too.  This was done near Easter and I like keeping baskets seasonal.  Mine included eggs but you could use other things suited to the time of year.

Here are some of the items I crafted… 


I took a grapevine wreath and used some brown, grey and white acrylic paint to give it a more rustic finish.  I just painted it straight on adding color variation as I went.  I attached some long ribbon so it could be hung easily.

I found an unfinished wood cross at my local craft store and used the same acrylic colors as done with the wreath.  I watered some paint down and dry bushed it on too.


Another fun idea is to cut some glitter craft paper into circles and sew them together with a sewing machine to make a garland.


I used acrylic paint for these plain eggs and you can find the tutorial here… 


I bought a basket and to give it some more visual interest I used my same acrylic paint to paint the bottom gold – but this could be any color.

Here are some ideas for things you can buy inexpensively to make the contents of the basket colorful and versatile…  

– initial letters

-little bags, tins or baskets (like the burlap and metal ones pictured above)

-tassels or poms

– blank notecards tied with ribbon


-push pins and labels


Some helpful tips when assembling a gift basket…

– try to keep the contents to a theme

-look for many of these items at Target dollar bins, the Dollar Store and many craft stores who use coupons (as this helps keep things at a $20 budget)

– include food items too! This can be coffee, tea, cookies, etc…

Make sure to stop by tomorrow for some fun announcements! 

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