DIY Post – Star Wreath

I was browsing Pinterest and inspired by this wreath here. I decided that I would try to make this for myself and it was seriously simple! What I love about this wreath is that you can use it for many seasons (Christmas, Winter, Fourth of July or really all year long)!

Here is what you will need –
– a grapevine wreath (any size)
– jute twine
– handmade ornaments – using baking soda, corn starch and water (you could use any shape and this is the recipe I used)

Here is what you will need to do-
Make your ornaments ahead of time (recipe here). I used stars but again any shape would be fine. Make sure to make a hole in each ornament before you bake them so you can tie them to the wreath.





Once your ornaments are made you will start measuring, cutting and tying your twine to the wreath branches. I did mine in a criss-cross pattern.




For the last step you will start tying the ornaments to the twine and to the branches. I chose to try and make this look organic and not to planned out. I did take the twine and separate it into smaller strands so I could fit it into the ornaments.



That is it! I also played around with other ways to use these versatile ornaments. You can put them on a tree, a wreath or make two holes and tie them around a napkin for a place setting (as pictured below). I hope you will try it out and as always thanks for stopping by!



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