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Heartfelt and Handmade for Valentine’s Day – Geometric Heart Art

I will show you how to make this adorable heartfelt and handmade for Valentines Day geometric heart art!

Heartfelt and Handmade for Valentine's Day - Geometric Art Heart  hanging on the wall.

Hello there friends, I hope you all have been well. I’ve got a fun treat for you today as I join up with Jennifer from Town and Country Living as well as some wonderfully talented friends sharing their projects too! It’s all part of a Heartfelt and Handmade hop showcasing some very sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day (which is right around the corner)… As you can see I made this sweet geometric heart art above.

This project isn’t entirely new, as I shared these geometric shapes before (here), but this time I took it an extra step further and made it extra special for the “love” holiday ;)… In case you can’t tell, this project is made out of a couple supplies, including inexpensive gold straws! It is so easy to make and I love using these shapes as wall art above our daughter’s bed.

A girls bedroom with a geometric heart hanging on the wallpapered wall behind the bed.

Here is what you will need and the simple process is listed down below! Please note, you can get more details on this craft here and I did not include precise measurements for the heart. I chose to eyeball this as you could make varying sizes and honestly there is no right or wrong. I will disclose, math is not my strong suit, so I apologize if I don’t do the geometric explanations justice, haha.

Shaping the gold wire into the geometric heart.

  • You will need a pair of scissors, a package of straws (I used gold, but any color would work wonderful) and then matching chenille sticks.
  • First create your heart shape and cut the straws to size.
  • Then begin inserting your chenille sticks to connect the straw pieces. You can tie and couple chenille sticks together to make a longer strand when needed.
  • Twist and secure the ends together and then trim the excess.
  • Now create a “peace” signed pattern within the center of your heart and tie it off.
  • Next you will begin adding the 3D pieces. On the bottom section of the heart you will create a diamond with 3 more pieces. I measured and cut as I built and I found this to be the easiest way to do it.
  • Lastly create a “V” inside the top half of each heart using 3 more pieces.
  • This was just how I chose to compose it, but truly there isn’t a right or wrong way to make it and you could connect pieces however you would like. It could even be asymmetrical.

Up close picture of the shaped heart.

As you can see it is a fun diverse way to get crafty shapes and this would be a great project for older kiddos too!

The gold heart beside pink flowers.

This little project could be used for so many things, to hang on a wall, as gift tags (smaller in size), sitting on a table etc…

The shaped gold geometric heart beside pink flowers with green leaves.

I hope you will maybe enjoy trying one out too!

Up close picture of a pink flowers.

And here below you can see how I incorporated it into my daughter’s room…

The custom made heartfelt heart on the wall above a bed.

I kinda love a dramatic single heart standing there alone…

A girls bedroom with gray and white wallpaper, pink and white blankets and the gold heart on the wall.

Such a pretty simple piece that brings a little modern edge to the delicate space…

A bed with white and pink pillows, with pom poms on the pillows.   A heart is on the wall just about the headboard.

Thanks so much for stopping by and don’t forget to visit the rest of my friends down below. They inspire me each and every time, I am certain you will think so too!


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  1. I was so surprised that this gorgeous heart is made with straws and pipe-cleaners! That’s amazing and so pretty! And I just love your daughter’s room, the pompoms are a real weakness for me so I’m in heaven!

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