DIY Geometric Decorative Piece


When decorating our home for Christmas this past season, I was looking for fun ornaments we could make ourselves.  I had searched the internet and saw this picture here.  I decided it would be fun to make these into larger tabletop decorative pieces.


So I adapted the idea and figured out how to do it using only two materials and costing about five dollars.

to your family and friends-7

Here is how you can do it too!


  • You will need a package of gold or silver straws (if you are wanting your shape to look like metal – or else you could do any color of choice), a matching pack of chenille stems and scissors.
  • Now take a few chenille stems twisting them together to create one long stem.
  • String on several straws and form a triangle.
  • I kept attaching triangles on top of one another (attched by the chenille stems) and then combined two pyramid shapes together making a diamond.
  • You could get more complicated than this, but it was tiring my brain out think about the math.  Let’s just say that Geometry was not my strength in school days – ha!
  • This whole project took maybe ten minutes.


You could group several together or hang some on the wall.  I like keeping mine here with our antique books and rustic wood frame.


(DIY faux antler tutorial here)

This guys has started to follow me around when I take pictures. I think he enjoys being the focus of attention… but who could say no to these puppy dog eyes?


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    1. Rachael thank you! I was so happy crafting and seeing it was so simple – you know as DIYers sometimes things don’t go as planned – lol. I appreciate you stopping by and saying hello!

    1. Yuni you are the sweetest! Thank you so much friend and I will head over to check out the post today! Hope your weekend is wonderful ~

  1. I love finding modern decor that I can DIY, and this looks so cool! And not too hard either. I can’t wait to try it.I have the perfect place for something like this on my bookshelf. Thanks!

  2. Hi Anne, I am fairly new to your blog and I really love your posts on just about everything!
    When I realized that you used straws and pipe cleaners,I was amazed how ingenious you were to making that! I think i’ll try and make a heart one for my son who is my everything! I think he’ll be amazed at how smart his mother was in being so crafty!I will certainly give you 99% of the credit though.lol…keep up the great blog that I have come to enjoy checking out frequently! Best regards,Cindy

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