Decorating Tables Around the Home During Christmas


Hello Friends, welcome today as I share a little seasonal inspiration with Balsam Hill as we countdown to Christmas! Balsam Hill gifted me some wonderful products that I have decorated tables around the house with and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have you here!


In thinking about all the different ways you could decorate your tables around the home, the first to come to mind was the dining table. This special spot in the home is also a part of my favorite Christmas memory…


Growing up Christmas mornings were clearly a favorite tradition. The anticipation of waking early, insisting our parents would rise and shine and then opening the presents with a large breakfast to enjoy after.


As time passed it came time for a family of our own. I clearly remember our Christmas with our first born. It truly was special and a very favorite of mine, as we sat around this big table together enjoying a warm cooked strata and cinnamon rolls.


We continue this tradition even still and it continues to be a beloved memory each year as our family has grown and the days get even sweeter.


Gathering around the table is a tradition most enjoy and decorating for it can be so simply and beautifully done.


I took this gorgeous large Noble Fir garland from Balsam Hill and zigzagged it across the length of the table.


I took some of Balsam Hill’s Golden Candles/Brass Finish Hurricanes and incorporated them throughout the garland…


Atop a sidebar table, I had this Balsam Hill Metallic Ornament Tree holding some simple glittery and festive ornaments. A fanciful addition sitting aside breakfast or dessert waiting to be served.

This garland is so lush and realistic that there is no need for more than the garland and candlelight itself.


In addition, with all this talk about tables, I thought I would show a couple more ways to decorate any other table tops you may have in the household. Such as a side or buffet table…


Here I have our stockings hung (without a fireplace 😉 and I draped the garland over the top of table.


It adds the perfect touch to finish the space off.


Lastly, if you are like me with a large coffee table, several candles lining the surface make it cozy and warm.


Tucked behind on the sofa table is the doubled up garland with glowing bulbs and the metallic tree.


All of these ideas can be implemented throughout the house for any style or any table. They make each space ready for the festivities and for memory making.

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for joining me here today!

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*Balsam Hill sent me these beautiful items to decorate and as always all opinions are 100% my own.




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    1. Hi Rebecca, it is from Pottery Barn and we were lucky enough to find it at a ReStore. But I do believe they still carry it and the table is an old JCP table that we chalk painted =). Thanks so much!

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