DIY Post – Transitional Seasonal Decorations

Some people begin decorating for Christmas during November (we do decorate early) and some choose to wait. I say whatever makes you happy and fits your preference is perfect. Today I am sharing some ways you can inexpensively decorate for that time between Halloween and Christmas…


Try using natural elements such as pinecones, twigs, rocks, etc… You can always give them an extra something special by adding glitter.



Animal busts have been and continue to be popular.  Try making some on your own if buying a new one isn’t in your budget.  I found a tutorial from House of Earnest’s blog that used twigs for deer antlers. Here is a picture of a deer I am in the middle of working on.  I will have a DIY on how I did this once I am finished!  I will share that I am only using scrap paper, masking tape and a thrifted sweater.



Use words around the house with DIY clipboards tutorial here or lettered garland.  These can be used year round to declare whatever season you are in.



Textures such as yarn used in this rolled yarn ball wreath and the pom garland tuturial – here are great ways to make winter time feel a bit cozier.


Last but not least don’t forget the candles.  This is one of my favorite things to decorate with during the season.  They smell lovely and add so much to that blanket wearing atmosphere!

Hope you try some of these tutorials out and stay tuned for some more in the future.  If you are not ready to pull out all the decorations yet some of these are less commitment and can stay around through most of the cooler season.

As always thanks for stopping by!

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