New Year Goals and What is Working for Us…

Hello Friends, I hope that you had a nice long weekend. We sure did, we ate some of our favorite foods, relaxed, took it slower and of course crossed a couple things off the everlasting “to – do” list ;).  These last couple weeks I know there has been so much talk about New Year resolutions… While I don’t typically make very many myself, I have been trying out some things since the start of January. I thought I would share what has been working well for us around here. Not because these resolutions are a one-size fits all, but I think it is fun to occasionally drop in and let you know the more personal side of our home – what we are up to and the behind the scenes.

So for starters, let’s begin with lunch making!!! I don’t know about you, but I struggle with this one. I always say I am making it the night before, but when bedtime rolls around – all I want to do is put my feet up… I procrastinate and save this lunch making duty for the morning. Which in turn makes the morning busier and even a little more stressful to watch the clock ensuring all is done in time.

So instead, lately I have been assembling lunches when I make dinner. This has been working out so well for us, as it is really convenient when I already have ingredients pulled out and a messy kitchen. I either just use leftovers or I quickly pull together a sandwich etc. and it is ready to go in the morning. It feels kinda fantastic as if I am doing two things at once… lol I know it isn’t that exciting but it truly has helped! (P.S. I think these food containers are the best from Pottery Barn Kids! My mom bought them for my oldest and they are such wonderful quality/size).


Next, if I am being honest… As of late I have found myself a bit burned out. I have felt challenged to find the time I need to do what’s most important and have felt like I have let some of the joy slip away. I have shared a little here and there that our family has been facing a few hiccups and I am encouraged to say that we are finding renewed strength. I am not looking to worry anyone and it will all be ok, but in fact it is a season for us and we have faith to face it.  With the gift of a new year, I started to do what warms my heart again… I went back to simplicity and homemaking – working from scratch. Literally baking and cooking; taking the time to care for my family with these acts of love and servitude.

In doing so I couldn’t believe how rewarding its return was. We picked up our favorite recipes and made the things we missed enjoying. Instead of buying the bulk bags of granola, we baked up the easy version – we have indulged in the chocolate chip cookies and muffins we all crave. To say it has been a treat is an understatement.


With my type A personality I tend to want to do everything myself. But in doing so I can sometimes leave those most important to me out of the process. I love having my children help around our home and sometimes I forget to ask. We are making the routine of letting the kiddos help with the day to day.

And oh my have they enjoyed it too! It is good for all of us and they treasure getting to do so alongside me. How much better is it to unload the dishwasher together instead of apart…


So it is no surprise that I love flowers and having flowers around the home is important to me. Even still, it is not always friendly on our budget. I have found that keeping a good supply of faux flowers works wonders when mixed with real. 

Too many times I have run to the store looking for something specific and can’t find it. Having fake varieties at home saves us money in the long run, lasts longer and these days is very hard to tell the difference.


Last night on Instagram I shared how much I love to make the bed each morning with a large cup of coffee in hand (carefully in hand I should say with all this white bedding, haha.) Anyhow, I really do love how it sets the tone and this is something I have continued doing throughout the new year. Making your bed is a great way to start the day!

And just as true, it is always great to let it go too. This is one of my new practices for the year, to slow down, to let go and just be. With all the hurry we can so easily miss the importance right in front of us.


Even though I mentioned how we have been baking and cooking more from scratch, another routine I have picked back up and am LOVING is to Meal Plan (more efficiently).

We started to get in a rut and make the same things over and over each month, everyone was so ready for a change. For January, I used a Dinner page from my gifted set of Get Paperworks. I mapped the month out and it has made cooking life much easier. I am motivated to cook, don’t have to think about it and we are being considerate of our budget. You can read more about how we did meal planning a couple years ago and we still do to this day.


Dinner around the table is one of my favorite times spent with my little family. We have enriched that time more with some “Dinner Questions”…

While at my MOPS group a couple weeks ago, it was a craft meeting and we used the time to organize wonderful little jars. In each jar is a set of questions designed to give some intentional conversation between the meal. Every question has brought out the sweetest and most interesting answers and the kids eagerly await the questions too. It is teaching good listening skills plus it really draws out thoughtful feelings and reflections. Not to mention we have had plenty of good laughs as well!


With the hustle of holidays done and decorations stowed away, we found ourselves craving more quiet. Now we have been putting devices away longer and making time for Games and Play Together…

Everyone has been better for it, including the grown ups too. Our kids don’t own devices or spend much time on them, but we as parents find ourselves doing too much. I love sharing what I do through social media and here on the blog, but like anything else, I have found the need for balance and moderation. This sweet reminder has been nourishing to our family and we intend to keep this goal around.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of our ideas and how things have been looking through the very early part of this year. I also hope you will continue to join me here as well because I am so excited for this year and sharing it with each and every one of you through stories, projects and all things “home”. Zevy Joy is so special to me and what an honor to have you all be a part of it, thank you!


*Thank you to Get Paperworks for the set on Monthly printables and all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. What a sweet reminder of what is really important. Life passes so quickly with little ones. Don’t give up the joy. It is worth every effort. I enjoy your blog, thoughts, and lovely home. All the best to you and your beautiful family.

    1. Kristi thank you so much sweet friend and for leaving a kind word – I appreciate you! And that is right, here’s a fantastic new year! xo

  2. Thanks for not only sharing your good ideas, but for also being real and honest and sharing your heart! It was very uplifting, encouraging, and also challenging! Blessings to you….

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