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How to Arrange Flowers in a Bowl

This is an easy tutorial on how to arrange flowers in a bowl!

The floral arrangement on the table underneath a metal chandelier.

Hey you all and glad to have you here today =). I recently found some beautiful faux Anemones and couldn’t wait to dress them up for some type of  versatile winter arrangement. As I debated how I would display them I thought it would be fun to show how easy it is to put them in any type of bowl.

The white, pink flowers and greenery on the kitchen counter by the sink.

At first I thought I was going to do a mixture of faux and real, but as I continued through with my plan decided it was best to leave the real ones out this time.

The kitchen sink, with open shelves above the sink and flowers beside it lying on the counter.

Because you will be using styrofoam for this project, you would not be able to “keep” the real ones thriving for long… Although, you could do it for a short amount of time or a dinner party.

Here is what you will need to make this easy floral arrangement:

A bowl, styrofoam, and flowers on the counter.

  • A bowl
  • A half sphere of styrofoam (available at craft store and not the floral foam type)
  • Faux flowers/foliage and even faux fruit with stems

Here is how I began arranging:

The styrofoam ball in the bowl.

Begin by fitting your half sphered styrofoam into the bowl. I didn’t need to trim but if you didn’t have a great match in size for bowl/sphere you may need to trim some off.

Sticking the stems of the flowers into the styrofoam.

Then start inserting the stems straight into the sphere. I didn’t worry about trimming the stems as I wanted to keep them longer for reuse later, but this job would be a little easier if you shorten the stems.

Arranging the stems in the styrofoam ball.

I did find that as the longer stems filled the inside center of the bowl/sphere it made it more manageable to open some longer holes and bend stems in half as if they were trimmed.

The floral arrangement starting to come alive.

Keep filling the sphere up and I didn’t worry too much about how I was putting pieces in. As usual, I wanted things to be organic, appealing and look natural.

The white flowers, and pine sticking out of the bowl.

In fact, I liked keeping some pieces longer and droopy. Some foliage draped long over the side and some shorter stems and fillers were holding things up around the border. Really anything goes!

The white flowers and black centers, and eucalyptus in the arrangement on the table.

And there you have it! A centerpiece that took about 15 minutes, was budget friendly and looks festive for the season. I was able to use mostly what was on hand which is another big bonus to faux flowers.

Dining room table with a little dog beside it.

I think Wyatt enjoys them too or maybe he just enjoyed taking naps all over the house ;)…

Up close picture of the white flowers and black centers.

p.s. the styrofoam is helpful for arranging like this because it strongly holds the delicate flowers in place.

The floral arrangement on the wooden table with a faux fur on the bench.

We have had this sitting on our table all week now it is still in full bloom (wink wink).

A wide shot of the dining room table with a chandelier above the table.

I hope you find this little tip or tutorial useful and thanks so much for visiting today!

The floral arrangement by the sink.

Don’t forget to stop by later as we share for The Inspiration Gallery…

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  1. Thank you for the ‘demonstration’- it’s so pretty!
    You’ve inspired me to put something together for my dining room table- the faux white hydrangeas are lovely, but not really season-appropriate here in the midwest!

    1. Jeanne thank you so much and I am glad to hear you liked it and hope you enjoy trying it out! I get what you mean about the hydrangeas, I also saw some beautiful lilac flowers too and felt I had to hold off a bit longer before displaying those =).

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! Your winter arrangement is gorgeous! Your home is so beautiful! I love your chandelier! May I ask where you purchased it?

    1. Nancie thank you so much and for stopping by! It is originally from Pottery Barn (and still available I believe) – we were lucky enough to happen upon it second hand at our local ReStore.

  3. Thank you for sharing the tips on flower arranging in a bowl. I can’t believe those are all faux flowers….they look so real!

    1. Lanita thank you so much for leaving thoughtful compliments – it always means a lot and I really appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

  4. Thanks for posting something doable, beautiful, and customizable (real word?) to varying budgets.(not trying to say that you don’t normally- ha!) I love this! So pretty.

  5. Lovely…quick question…how do you secure the foam to the bowl to keep the weight of the longer items from tipping it out of the bowl.

    1. Hi Mary, thank you very much and great question. I found that evenly distributed the arrangement did fine and didn’t topple over. The weight of the stems below the foam also help and I just pushed it was tight as I could into the bowl. I appreciate you stopping by!

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